How to develop a professional network in Hanoi

Developing your professional network in Hanoi
Updated 2023-11-17 18:33

Moving to a new city is daunting, and starting from scratch with your professional network can be exceptionally frustrating. In Vietnam, there are several ways to develop a professional network and meet an assortment of connections that could potentially open new doors for you in the future while living in Hanoi.

Good to know:

If you are going into business with a local, it is not uncommon to seal the deal with some kind of social occasion, like a meal or an evening at a karaoke bar.

There are various professional networking events in Hanoi on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, giving you ample opportunity to expand your circle of business associates and clientele. The work culture in Hanoi differs somewhat from the Western world, and more information can be found through the forum. Listed below are a number of methods you can employ to gently introduce yourself and your enterprise to Hanoi's growing business sphere.

Hanoi Startup Founder 101

Predominantly focusing on the tech industry, Hanoi Startup Founder 101 is designed to plug budding tech entrepreneurs into the local sockets. Aiming to help Hanoi's startup ecosystem develop exponentially, this group is perfect for tech enthusiasts to meet and collaborate, thus developing tomorrow's most innovative endeavors. These events are free and are held a few times a year. Another excellent page to look at is Vietnam Business Generation, whose primary purpose is connection for like-minded entrepreneurs in Vietnam.

Vietnam Chapter: Toastmasters International

Develop your confidence and speaking abilities by joining the local chapter of Toastmasters International. This group meets bi-monthly and ventures from all walks of life and career paths.


While you are working hard to network, don't forget to keep your LinkedIn up to date, especially with your new location in Vietnam. You'll be surprised how many recruiters instantly message you with this location change or what new accounts the algorithm will suggest.

Female Entrepreneurial Groups in Hanoi

Rest assured that gender is quickly becoming a hot topic in Vietnam, along with equality and inclusion. Currently, there are no focused female entrepreneur groups in Hanoi, but you can use resources like the Hanoi chapter of the International group Girl Gone International or also take a look at Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs. As we said previously, even just one message on LinkedIn or the invitation for a follow-up coffee after a promising networking conversation are the small steps you need to take to succeed in growing your professional network in Hanoi.

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