How a vietnamese guy fall in love

I just want to know some basic few things regarding a vietnamese guy and his treatment about "falling in love". . .
1. are they romantic and shows physical intimacy in private and public places?
2. are they possessive and very demanding when it comes to love and relationships?
3. do they prefer emotional importance first or physical appearance and financial stability counts a lot for them?

This questions requires a general answer. Not a single point of view... Please help. I'm in love.

you need a Vietnamese woman to answer your question. A lot will depend on the persons age. i.e whether they are either old school traditional or modern in thought.

Well, To tell you the truth, it depends on where that guy is living, how old he is, depends on his character and Of course, it also depends on his girl friend.

But most of them:
- They're only romantic when they're courting, or romantic in a period of 6 months - 1 year.
- Sometimes they hold their gf's hands or hug tight in the public area, it's OK. Should kiss in your room or in the private area^^ But a slightly kiss on the street - it's also OK, hihi.
- They're quite jealous in love, quite possessive. (but I don't like that, all guys shouldn't treat like that)
- About your last question, it depends on lots of things. but I think they often pay special attention to Persionality and Appearance first, then financial stability.

Please forgive me, he is 27 years old and has work.He is not that super handsome, he even stands 5'4" shorter than I am. He loves to hang out with his friends and always go out for coffee and talks... endless chat on the computer... I tried to understand him and make patience with his stuffs... I always ask him what he wants... but I always sometimes get hurt... I wanted to understand him more but... I think it would best to leave him. But I'm terribly in love with him. Crazy me.. ha ha ha sorry.

are you Vietnamese ?

P.I. according to the profile.

I have learned from my mistake. He said "No money, No Honey" and I clearly understood what he means...Sometimes we need to be reminded that our presence here in Vietnam is only for work and  others for pleasure....If you happen to find true and honest person whom you can love.... then you should be extra lucky... Goodbye to him. I forgot to tell him, I have supposedly a surprise vacation with him to our country for 1 week cause I need to try my newly purchased toyota landcruiser. I can buy you honey... but I changed my mind...

Thank you for all the replies... I am super lucky! I come to know his true identity.

are y a guy ? the person you are in love with is basically a prostitute...if that is his attitude then you have done well to separate yourself from this person as they have no interest in you personally.

Whew, that was a close one.  I don't think the original poster (OP) would have survived since her last post in 2013 without that nugget of truth!  Actually all three of them!

@SteinNebraska Whoever owns a Toyota Landcruiser is very special LOL

It seems likely (to me) that the OP was hoping to marry a Vietnamese man and live here, much the same as a recent poster strongly implies...

    It seems likely (to me) that the OP was hoping to marry a Vietnamese man and live here, much the same as a recent poster strongly implies...-@OceanBeach92107

I think so, too