Activities in Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

Updated 2014-07-24 15:13

As a tourists’ destination, Ha Long has plenty of activities for travellers of all age groups.

If you just want some light activities like climbing mountains , it's already included in the tour programs of many operators. You can climb to the mountain top of Titov Island, where situated the best place to take panoramic photos of Ha Long Bay. Or you can stroll through Surprise Cave (Hang Sung sot) one of the best known sightseeing place of the region.

For climbing enthusiasts, Ha Long has plenty of places suitable to get your inner adrenaline junkie happy.

Just a scenic thirty-minute driving from Cat Ba Town is beautiful Butterfly Valley. Butterfly Valley is located in Lien Minh, the oldest village on Cat Ba and one of the most pristine areas on the island. The valley wall is a magnificent cut of superb limestone with over 50 sport routes available. Climbing grades range from 4 to 8b '¦ plenty of routes for climbers of all levels.

In beautiful Lan Ha Bay, Tiger Beach is another worthy place to visit, but take 30 minutes by ships or 45-60 minutes kayaking! Tiger Beach was the first area developed for sport climbing in the bay so there are plenty other places for serious climbing surrounded it. The routes here range from 5 to 7c .

For travellers who want more speed, you can take up biking along the seaside road with beautiful scenery lead to Viet Hai village on Cat Ba island.

If instead you want water activities, you can take up swimming and kayaking.

Most of great tours offer time for sea swimming. You can float on the clear blue water, high cliffs, and just let the stress melt away.

Any cruise in Halong Bay, come rain or shine, warm or cool, should include the opportunity to be captain of your own boat, which is why we offer an afternoon of kayaking all year round. Climb straight from the day tour ship, down to the two-man kayaks and navigate yourself on the remarkably calm waters through intricate cave systems and get up close to the rigid rocks that hide under a blanket of jungle-green, all the while majestic hawks circle above. Pass through a small cave to reveal a spectacular circular pool surrounded by striking mountains and dense jungle. Feel free to take the plunge and have an unforgettable swim in what must surely be one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful swimming spaces in the world. If lucky you may even spot a spider monkey or two.

For newest, and non-standard sports like stand-up paddle, you need to ask in advance so the boat staff can prepare the gears.

For visitors who want to laying there to drink in the beautiful view of Ha Long Bay, Paradise ships offer you massage service. Another highlight of the trip is high tea with lots of just baked pastries and freshly grounded and brewed coffee. The well-stocked bars and Happy Hour will satisfy customers with stronger drinks.

For the ones who seriously care about health and wellbeing, such as balneology, please wait until the ship is back at Tuan Chau island. After check-in at a boutique luxurious hotel to stow your luggage, you can prepare for a trip to mineral spring baths. There are two mineral springs around Ha Long Bay, with one less known to visitors in Quang Hanh ward, and another, geothermal spring KM4 right there in the middle of Cam Pha town. The hotel's concierge should be able to help you how to get there, either by taxi or motorbike. Enjoy your really relaxing time at the springs that turns your whole body to mud.

For visitors interested in cultural activities, the newly opened Quang Ninh Museum can be an interesting place to wander. For golfers who want to make a few putts, there is a training facility in Tuan Chau island, near the Paradise Suites hotel mentioned above, walking passed the Discotheque at the dock. There are also many entertainments in Tuan Chau islands for childrens to keep them happy for a whole day.

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