The labor market in Hanoi

Hanoi's labour market
Updated 2023-11-19 10:20

Hanoi's services sector is growing exponentially, and foreign trade is at an all-time high. Agriculture has always been an essential part of the local economy, especially as Vietnam is one of the biggest rice exporters in the world. Thanks to improving technologies, as well as other entities, there is a new range of opportunities for the Hanoi expat community, making finding a job in Hanoi undoubtedly much easier compared to similar cities around the world.


You can get a feel for Hanoi's labor market by checking websites like Vietnamworks, LinkedIn, and, of course,

The most prominent sectors for expats in Hanoi

Let's explore the most popular industries in Hanoi for expats and what to expect if you are applying to join these divisions.


Hanoi is peppered with a range of teachers from ESL to University accredited. Depending on your qualifications, this could be the career shift you are searching for! To qualify for a work permit in this sector, one must have a credible teaching credential and a degree in the field of your application. If you are more focused on working with language centers, a TEFL or CELTS will suffice, but it may not equal a long-term work permit. Basic salaries for English teachers in Hanoi start around USD 2,343.02 per month, but should you have a degree in English or education. Look into international schools or even colleges. Salaries here are significantly higher, but these companies are much stricter in their recruitment process.

Tech startups & engineering

The startup scene in Hanoi is also thriving at the moment. Although Ho Chi Minh in the south is more blatantly regarded as a modern and innovative city, Hanoi is quickly catching up. For many startups, web developers, graphic and UX designers, and social media managers are in high demand. In a short-term sense, startups revolving around food technology and e-commerce are currently the most viable.

Outside of the startup game, Hanoi is also firmly rooted within the realm of technology, with several universities dedicated to this field situated here. From the playground upwards, students are churned into mathematicians with the integrity of an oil drill, and it is statistically evident that Hanoi is adamant about the development of STEM fields.

Wages in Hanoi

Salaries in Hanoi vary significantly between occupation, sector, employee experience, and employee nationality. We've collected a broad spectrum of average salaries for in-demand jobs in 2023:

  • Director of human resources: monthly salary 50-61 million VND (USD 2,032.11-2,438.53)
  • Bank teller: monthly salary of 7.6 million VND (USD 312)
  • Food Industry worker: monthly salary of 2.5-3.1 million VND (USD 102-127)
  • Pilot: monthly salary 70-90 million VND (USD 2,888-3,702)
  • Administrative assistant: monthly salary of 18-30 million VND (USD 750-1,234)
  • IT Auditor: monthly salary of 9 million VND (USD 370)
  • Business Analyst: monthly salary of 9 million VND (USD 370)
  • IT Manager Education Sector: monthly salary of 60 million VND (USD 2,468)

Can you find a job as an expat in Hanoi?

While being a foreigner in Vietnam has many advantages, finding a job may still be tricky. VnExpress, Vietnam's central online newspaper, revealed in May 2023 that 10% of young Vietnamese people are unemployed, and the government is still trying to understand if this is due to a lack of opportunity or because two-thirds of the population (aged 15-29) work abroad.

With new visa regulations in Vietnam, as long as you have your credentials, it is possible for a foreigner to get a job in Hanoi. Vietnamese citizens are very patriotic, but they are not pretentious. Foreigners are treated with respect and are given credit for anything they bring to the table in their chosen sphere.

That's not to say that some jobs aren't more popular than others in Hanoi. If you strike up a conversation with an expat, chances are they will be an English teacher, but it also means you'll have an easy time becoming friends with your colleagues and neighbors.

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