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Updated 2023-11-19 12:19

Vietnam is currently ranked 39th internationally for internet connection and has an average download speed of 91.60mbps. There are various Internet service providers available at competitive rates, allowing for easy access and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Your rental accommodation in Vietnam will likely already have high-speed wifi, and getting data for your mobile phone is inexpensive. Learn more about how to ride the wireless wave while living in Vietnam.

Where to find SIM cards in Vietnam

Most Vietnamese cities are now connected to the Internet. It is likely that if you are renting a unit in a populated area, there will already be a fast and stable internet connection. You can also enjoy complimentary access to Wi-Fi in the majority of cafes and restaurants.

The top three phone and Internet networks in Vietnam are VNPT Corp, Viettel Group, and FPT Telecom Company. Data packages are easily purchased at the airport or electronics store. If you visit the retail store The Gioi Di Dong, the staff are quick to help, or you can visit a network provider retail storefront. Regardless of location, you will be asked for your passport to register a new SIM card in Vietnam. It is highly recommended that you unlock your mobile before entering the country.

Apps to download for easier communication in Vietnam

It is easier than you think to stay in touch with loved ones while abroad. Many apps today prioritize connectivity and are easy to use on smartphones and desktop computers. We recommend downloading WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and, if you get a Vietnamese phone number, Zalo. WhatsApp and Messenger are easy ways to schedule calls with loved ones or stay in the loop with quick texting and just require wifi.

Two apps that continue to grow in popularity are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Both give the option for phone calls or to invite family and friends into a video call. For Zoom, you can make a completely free account, and Microsoft Teams requires an Outlook email address.

Using an Internet cafe in Vietnam

While Internet cafes do exist in the country, you may not feel comfortable being there for long periods of time. These Internet cafes are popular with gaming teenagers or young adults who don't have a home computer, and wait times will be long. There may also be a more noticeable language barrier for questions or assistance while there.

An easy and more comfortable solution is to find your nearest cafe - almost every cafe in major cities in Vietnam will have wifi, and if you have brought your laptop, you can buy a coffee and use the Internet. You'll see many foreigners taking advantage of the crisp AC, but make sure to bring earphones to not disturb your fellow patrons.

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