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Updated 2023-11-19 10:57

If you are planning to move to Vietnam with a pet, there are a number of formalities that have to be completed prior to your departure as well as on your arrival in Vietnam. Key areas to focus on are your pet's medical records and your passport.

Requirements are subject to change, so it is recommended that you check the import requirements for animals with the Vietnamese authorities as well as the travel conditions with your carrier.

Procedures for moving to Vietnam with pets

Your pet will have to undergo a complete medical examination and obtain a health certificate from a recognized veterinarian. It should also be vaccinated against rabies and receive treatment against parasites. This vaccination should be done at least one month prior to arrival in Vietnam but no more than one year ago. The documents to be submitted to the Vietnamese authorities before the trip include your pet's medical certificate and health record, its certificate of vaccination against rabies, as well as a photocopy of your passport. Fees apply.

Good to know:

You must be in possession of these documents upon your arrival in Vietnam. Local authorities otherwise can refuse your pet's entry into the country.

Travel options to Vietnam for your pet

Pets such as dogs, cats, and birds can be transported in an aircraft hold. Other types of pets will be transported by freight. You will have to check with the airline on their policies with pets. We advise you to be prepared for steep prices as pet travel is costly. You will have to produce the animal's passport and health record, its certificate of vaccination against rabies, its authorization of entry, and any other document required by the Vietnamese authorities.

Good to know:

Boarding will be denied to any sick or pregnant animal.

What to expect on arrival in Vietnam

There is no quarantine for your pet if you land via air at Tan Son Nhat International Airport; however, you will need to check in with the quarantine station to have papers approved. The process will be fairly straightforward as long as you are arriving when the quarantine office is open. You will need to present vaccination paperwork and authorization you received from your vet or a local veterinarian clinic before arrival. Contact the Saigon PetClinic with any further questions. You can also join the Facebook group Dog Lovers in Ho Chi Minh City and get in touch with the pet-welcoming community before landing.

If you are bringing more than two pets into the country, you will need to present an import permit to customs officers.

Living in Vietnam with pets

Having a pet in Vietnam is not as common as it is in Western countries. However, in recent years, the quantity and quality of pet ownership in the country have dramatically increased. This increase can be attributed to economics, an increase in disposable income in the emerging middle class, an increase in urbanization, the standard of living, and the interest in having a pet as a member of a modern family.

While many people do appreciate your four-legged family members, not all of the Vietnamese will be kind. Be vigilant with dog poisoning and choose your apartment carefully, as not many are dog-friendly. Cats will have more leniency, but working with a trusted real estate agent will be beneficial.

Good to know:

Good vets are few and far between in the country. Be sure that support will be available for your pet if you are bringing them to your new living place. If you are considering getting a pet once already in the country, ensure that you get it from an accredited breeder who has cared for the animals. Or better yet, adopt a pet.

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