Why should you move abroad in 2023?

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Published on 2023-01-13 at 10:00 by Asaël Häzaq
As 2023 rolls out, moving abroad plans are slowly resurfacing. With the world going through turbulent times since 2020, it looks like everything is working against travel ideas. But at the same time, other indicators suggest that the season of great overseas adventures is indeed picking up again. So, what's the point of moving abroad in 2023? Here are some thoughts and practical advice.

To counter economic gloom

Since the pandemic, successive crises have been piling up. Before, there was the eurozone crisis, followed by the subprime crisis and the bursting of speculative real estate bubbles, amongst others. Such an enduring economic context does not appear to be conducive to international mobility as inflation is taking its toll on budgets that have already been eroded by multiple crises. In the eurozone, inflation peaked at 10%, while in the United States, it reached 7.7%, and a little over 6% in Canada. In some countries, like Argentina or Turkey, people have learned to live with inflation. Argentina, where inflation rocketed to over 88%, has had double-digit inflation for decades. The government has been trying some small measures, such as the temporary freezing of the prices of staple necessities, but the problem is here to stay. Can we even think of international mobility under such conditions? Yes, experts say. 

Paradoxically, the urge for freedom seems to gain momentum in times of crisis. Would-be expats save to prepare for their trip, considering the inflationary parameters (everything will cost more). Trade-offs are being made between the cost of immigration and the dream of living abroad. Opting for a neighboring country or an economically stable country rather than a distant destination is becoming a trend, but in any case, leaving seems to be the priority. As a snub to the prevailing gloom, the urge for travel plans is becoming more and more pressing this year. For many, to leave is about adding new colors to life, choosing one's own colors, and not being dictated by others. Leaving their home country is more about setting a new course for 2023 and being the master of their own destiny. Such a responsibility can be scary, but it can also encourage you to plot a new life path.

To benefit from new professional opportunities

Countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, for example, are experiencing alarming labor shortages. As a result, the tourism, health, hotel, construction, logistics and transportation industries have become tense sectors. This can be seen as a godsend for all prospective expats, especially those with professional experience in such industries. It is an opportunity for them to combine professional opportunities with a change of life or the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. One may want to either escape massive unemployment in their own country, or climb up professional ladders, or build a network, or even set up a life-changing career plan (starting a business abroad, for example). These are some of the reasons that stimulate inventiveness and push people to travel.

One thing is sure! Even in times of crisis, companies keep recruiting, like in the tech world, where recruitment has taken off despite worldwide layoff plans in recent months. According to specialists, this so-called temporary crisis should not dampen the aspirations of international talent. In fact, there will always be a strong demand for creative people to think and develop tomorrow's innovations. Governments are always looking for high-potential individuals to boost their high-tech sectors. Others are facing the dual challenge of labor shortage and demographic decline. These are all professional opportunities to be seized. 2023 could well be the year for taking a professional leap abroad.

To acquire skills in a specific field

Just as an athlete goes to train in a country renowned for its mastery of a particular sport, moving abroad to acquire skills in a specific field can lead to better social advancement. While the investment may seem substantial, learning directly from experts in a foreign country actually saves a lot of time and money. One immediately acquires the right method and the right gestures and soon becomes fully operational. 

To study abroad

Why not take advantage of the student visa to study abroad? More than just a new experience on your CV, studying abroad allows you to discover another way of learning and acquire other forms of knowledge. You will evolve both academically and personally (autonomy, stress management, community life, etc.). That kind of success-prone experience could even lead to a work visa in a foreign country. 

To discover new horizons

In recent years, some countries have entered into new bi-national agreements that expand the reach of Working Holiday Visas (WHV). France and Ecuador, for example, have signed an agreement, as have Australia and Brazil. The WHV, an ideal visa to discover a country, is a call to adventure to discover oneself and others. And if you think that traveling is just about being a backpacker at the end of the world, keep in mind that it is not only about flying to the other side of the world. Since moving to another region already means traveling, living in a neighboring country can also be considered an adventure. Moreover, at a time when ecological awareness is gaining more and more ground, many expatriates are rethinking their way of life. Some limit themselves to traveling only to neighboring countries.

Discovering new cultures

This is, without a doubt, the greatest benefit of traveling abroad. When cut off from one's roots, one has no choice but to turn to others. Locked up in our daily lives, we sometimes forget that humans are social beings who need contact. Moving abroad puts the focus back on what is essential: what matters the most is not the person who is leaving but the people one meets while traveling. And it is by turning to others that we can learn more about ourselves. Ultimately, the first changes concern the travelers themselves. They are transformed by their new environment. The locals, as well as the new cultures they discover, alter their perception of the world. Allowing this transformation is part of the adventure.

To learn a language

It is so obvious that we tend to forget it. So many languages have been lost on the school benches, between cramming irregular verbs and written questions. And what if 2023 was the year of a linguistic adventure? There is nothing better than learning a language abroad, as long as you play the game 100% by enrolling in a language school and work seriously, interact with the locals, and live like a local. The results will be felt quicker because by simply being abroad, you learn faster and retain better. These are the key values that explain the success of language trips.

To enjoy a different way of life

The commute, work, and sleep routine is often put on hold when one plans to leave for another country in the best conditions. We sometimes fantasize about the ideal expatriation, as though life would take care of itself without having to work, but very often, we will find ourselves back on the subway (or any other means of transportation), working and sleeping (unless we are teleworkers). However, somehow, the rhythm will have changed, and so will the living environment. Every year, thousands of people decide to take the leap because they just want to change their routines. Abroad, nothing is the same!

To experience a different climate 

Enjoying a warm Christmas, or, on the contrary, defying the cold winter temperatures, is also part of the package. The new climate, or weather, also plays a vital role in the urge to travel. Whether you want to go to a warm country, stay by the seaside, in the mountains, into the quiet country life, or to the bustle of the city, the new climate has its say.

To leave your comfort zone

When leaving everything behind, you gain autonomy, and you step out of your comfort zone. It begins with the planning process, with the various formalities to be completed. It continues in the host country, between the registration at the town hall, the renting of the dwelling place, the opening of the bank account and the subscription to the telephone service. In fact, all these simple procedures with which one is familiar in their country of origin become mini adventures in a foreign country. One feels proud to have deciphered a form, to have managed to find his or her way, to have engaged in a conversation with a local. Traveling is humbling and makes one grow. 

Now that you know, are you ready for the great adventure of 2023?