500 pieds waterfall: gorgeous but dangerous!

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Published on 2022-08-04 at 14:31
We are heading towards the Black River Gorges. Expat.com takes you on a hike and invites you to discover the famous 500 feet waterfall (500 pieds waterfall). It offers a breathtaking view, but is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the island but also one of the most hidden. Also known as the Cascade des Galets, the 500 feet waterfall is located in the Black River Gorges National Park. The park has several entry points, and the path to the waterfall is at the trailhead located at the Alexandra Falls viewpoint.

A gentle walk of about 30 minutes and the crossing of a small stream will take you to the top of the waterfall. From there, you can see a part of the thick forest of the Black River Gorges. A breathtaking view. Access to the bottom of the Cascade 500 Pieds is restricted to the public, however, because it is located on private land owned by Agrïa Ltée (formerly the Bel-Ombre Sugar Company). Therefore, an authorization is required from the company to hike to the foot of the waterfall.

Be prepared because the hike requires a certain technique. The presence of a guide is strongly recommended. Be sure to follow the instructions and signs.  To reach the waterfall, you have to cross a river full of slippery rocks. The place is also known to be dangerous especially if it is raining. But once there, the view on this waterfall which, as its name indicates, falls for 500 feet is a breathtaking spectacle. The natural pool is perfect for a dip. The view of the southwestern part of the island is exquisite.

The Cascade 500 pieds hike is perfect for anyone craving for a full immersion in nature.