Running spots to enjoy the country during this lockdown

Expat news
Published on 2021-05-20 at 12:22 by Nicola Richards
Gyms are closed and you might be growing a bit tired of indoor workouts. So why not use this opportunity to discover some nice outdoor areas where you can exercise? Here are a few jogging or walking spots you can try.

The scent of warm brown sugar carried on the evening wind, the feeling of fresh air and freedom. Has the lockdown left you yearning for the great outdoors? Have you been finding it difficult to revamp your fitness regime during lockdown and now that restrictions are gradually easing finding new and exciting ways to get that much needed fresh air?

During this period of lockdown it has been the perfect opportunity to focus and reassess how we can do things differently. Due to the restrictions here in Mauritius with the beaches and parks still closed it's a time to find some new spots to get outside, get running or walking.

As an expat in Mauritius, while the beaches are closed, you might be looking for little snippets of peace and tranquilly. 

Around the Balfour Garden

The Balfour Garden in Beau-Bassin is a perfect little running spot. And although it remains closed during this lockdown, you can still enjoy a nice jog or walk in the area around the garden. The Balfour Garden also overlooks a beautiful waterfall and you can also see the Moka Range from there and the good news is that there is a viewpoint further down from the garden from where you can also observe the waterfall and mountains.

Trou aux Cerfs

Another fabulous find: the Trou aux Cerfs Crater Point in Curepipe. The perfect running spot for you adventurous types, with sweeping views over Curepipe and magnificent mountains to take in while you enjoy your after work run. You can even stop off to enjoy views of the crater while you sip that much needed water and catch your breath.


If it's all about those views while you run, head to La Nicoliere Reservoir, there's a fabulous stretch of road (that is very quiet) spanning across mountains, with the reservoir on one side and the lush green landscape of palm trees and sugar cane on the other. It's great to have a stunning backdrop while you run.

Sugarcane fields

Fancy the scent of warm brown sugar while you run? Of course! A great spot to run in and around is the utterly awe- inspiring sugar cane fields. They are of course all over the island and you can just get lost (not literally) in their beauty whilst you run alongside them. The scent of the sugar cane is just wonderful and will remind you how lucky you are to be here on the island and to be able to run in such natural surroundings.

The mountains

Parks are closed but the mountains are opened and it might be time for you to discover the beautiful landscapes from the mountain tops. Try Le Pouce mountain in the centre, Le Morne in the South West or Lion Mountain in the South-East, they will give you a proper workout and an amazing view at the same time!

Looking after your mental health at any time but especially now is so important and what better way to feel and look your best than running around a paradisiacal island with spectacular views!