Switzerland is the best country for expats in 2019!

Published 2019-07-05 13:36

A leap of a full seven places for Switzerland this year as it becomes the best country for expatriates according to the HSBC Expat Explorer Report for 2019. Second is Singapore followed by Canada, Spain and New Zealand. We have a look at the intricacies of the ranking.


It is the opportunity for career development that Switzerland offers that seems to have earned the country its first place. Indeed, while Switzerland ranks first for career prospects, the country only ranks 7th for quality of life and 4th for how family friendly it is. Switzerland has always been attractive for the career prospects it offers. What made the difference this year? The improving quality of life. Indeed, expats who participated in the survey reported that the political and economic stability of the country as well as its low crime rates were especially appealing. Expats also enjoy a salary of $ 111,587 a year on average while the global average is $ 75,966.


Singapore is the second best destination for expats according to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. After being on top of this ranking for a whole four years, Singapore remains a top choice for expatriates. It is especially appealing for professionals moving abroad with their families. Indeed, the country ranks 1st for family-friendliness, 6th for quality of life and 7th for career prospects. Expats in Singapore were particularly satisfied with its education system as well as with the accessibility to foreign languages.


Canada has moved up a place since the last survey. The country continues to attract expatriates from across the world for the quality of life it offers. Canada actually tops the charts for quality of life while it is 5th and 6th for family-friendliness and career prospects respectively. The low cost of living played an important part in Canada topping the charts for quality of life. 


Spain has gained 10 places and is now the fourth best country for expatriates to live in. It has its quality of life to thank for that. Indeed, Spain ranks 2nd for quality of life as well as for family friendliness. More than half (58%) of the expats surveyed by HSBC reported having seen a significant improvement in their mental health since having moved to Spain. Regarding career prospects, however, Spain does a lot less well. The country ranks 22nd on this variable. It is good to note, however, that Spain is particularly popular with retirees.

New Zealand

New Zealand has fallen behind on this year’s ranking. Indeed, it was ranked 2nd last year. The country boasts incredible quality of life ranking third on this year on this variable. It also ranks 8th on career prospects and 9th for its family friendliness. It is good to note that expats have observed better work-life balance since moving to New Zealand.

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