Portugal, Canada and Sweden most LGBT-friendly countries

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Published last month

Each year, the Spartacus International Gay Guide, a gay travel guide, publishes a ranking of the best and worst countries for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. A study that lists 197 countries and considers the following criteria: the civil rights of the LGBT community, the implementation of discriminatory laws and finally, the potential danger in the country. While Canada and Sweden remain leaders of the ranking year in, year out, they welcomed Portugal, this year, on the top step of the podium. The country has made a dazzling jump from the 27th to the 1st position.

Better days ahead...

The ranking of March 2019 reveals that while some countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, the Czech Republic or Russia are still hostile, even dangerous, towards the LGBT community, or that others, like the USA, Brazil or Germany, have made a leap backwards following the rise of conservative movements, all hope is not lost. India, for example, climbed all the way up to the 57th position thanks to the decriminalization of homosexual practices last year. It is worth noting that India ranked 104th in the previous ranking. And of course, this year's most telling example is Portugal, which ranks first with Canada and Sweden.

What makes a country friendly?

But how do certain countries stand out? Why are they considered more welcoming destinations for the LGBT community? First and foremost, we need to look at how risky these countries are for members of the LGBT community. The legal framework in countries that make it to the top of the ranking does not represent any form of danger to the LGBT community. No punishment or other punishment condemns homosexual practices and no death sentence is in force. Furthermore, the LGBT community is not subject to societal or religious pressure nor to discriminatory laws (such as the travel ban for people with HIV or laws prohibiting gay prides and other gay events ... ). Until then, however, there is nothing exceptional, the top 15 destinations all ensure members of the LGBT community are, at the very least, not victims of these. But the three leaders stand out both because of how important civil rights is to them and because of the implementation of anti-discrimination laws.


Trudeau at Gay pride
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Thanks to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who actively supports the LGBT community, Canada increasingly stands out for its LGBT-friendly policies. But the country has always been very progressive on the subject, for example, the LBGT community has been authorized to serve in the army since 1992.


Sweden pride
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Sweden always condemned homophobic discrimination, which has been punishable by law since 1987, and anti-discrimination laws were quickly put in place. Homosexual couples also have the right to adopt children since 2003.


Lisbon pride
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The country has really stepped up its game with the legalization of adoption for same-sex couples in 2016 and the authorization to change sex, based solely on a personal decision in 2016. In 2015, the country has made the 17th of May a national day against homophobia and transphobia.