Celebrate Mardi Gras from wherever you are!

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Published 2 weeks ago

Whether you are going to be fasting through Lent or you are just looking for an excuse to drink up and feast on fatty food… today is the day where you can let loose. Mardi Gras is celebrated the day just before Lent begins and is celebrated in many countries and regions across the globe. But it might be difficult to feel the cheer of the Mardi Gras if it is not a celebrated in your host country. So here’s a few ways you can rev up an otherwise boring school night…

Pancakes !


Bit of flour, few eggs, a little milk, your favorite toppings… and that’s it! In the United Kingdom and a few other English speaking countries Mardi Gras is also known as Pancake Tuesday. In the past, pancakes day was a way of using up the milk, eggs and sugar before the fast started. Today, however, it is an occasion to bring together friends and family around a few (or a lot of) pancakes! If you fancy trying something new… why not try the blini? It is a Russian take on pancakes especially for Mardi Gras. The pancakes are topped with sour cream, caviar, berries or jam.

King Cake…


King Cake is a staple for Mardi Gras. This tradition is an adaptation of the French “Galette des Rois” which is usually served on Epiphany day and is today practiced mainly in the Southeastern region of the United States. King Cake is a round cake made of dry French bread-type dough. A small baby is hidden inside the cake and the person who happens to find it would be chosen to host the next Mardi Gras party or buy or make the next King Cake.

Mulled wine and traditional Mardi Gras drinks…


In many countries, Mardi Gras is celebrated at the end of winter… as a result, warm drinks is often de rigueur. In Italy, for example, mulled wine is the drink of choice during the Venetian Carnevale to keep participants and onlookers warm while partying in the streets of Venice. In Quebec, the Caribou is the traditional Mardi Gras beverage. Red wine, hard liquor and maple syrup will definitely keep you warm! If you fancy a more tropical take on Mardi Gras drinks… you can try the Creolo or the Hurricane cocktail straight from New Orleans.

Dress up…


In several parts of the world, Mardi Gras is an opportunity to dress up. In New Orleans, festival-goers wear their best outfits topped with masks and fancy accessories, in Venice it is all about hiding your identity so carnival participants and onlookers alike wear marks… So if you want to do something special for Mardi Gras… why not gather a few friends, dress up and head out for a drink?