Five cities where you won't find it hard to adapt

  • group of friends of diverse origins
Published 3 weeks ago

Regardless of the reason why you're choosing to move abroad – whether it's for work, study or merely travelling – such a decision requires appropriate planning. Some cities stand out both in terms of opportunities and social life. Have a look at some of the best cosmopolitan cities for integration around the world.


friends walking in London

As a wealthy, prosperous and sophisticated city, London without any doubt has what you're looking for. While job opportunities are plentiful, you also have a wide range of housing and leisure options, including an efficient transportation network. Famous for its luxury shops, diverse culture and cuisine, and its vibrant nightlife, London is one of the world's most attractive destinations. In 2018, the British capital had no less than 70 five-star Michelin restaurants not to mention many others that have two to three stars. If you're wondering how to expand your social circle, it's worth noting that London is a cosmopolitan city with people from various origins, including Indians, Poles and Somalis. London can also boast its international student population thanks to its prestigious universities and quality higher education. On a more professional note, there are opportunities in many fields, as evidenced by the presence of large multinational companies. So if you're looking to boost your career in a competitive atmosphere, London is the place to be. Besides, getting around is easy. The Crossrail is the most massive infrastructure project in Europe so far, providing Londoners with ten new rapid transit networks with tunnels going over more than 13 miles.


leisure in Paris
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The City of Lights needs no introduction since it's one of the most favourite expat and travel destinations. In spite of recent terrorist attacks and protests, Paris remains a happy city with an excellent quality of life. Moreover, Paris has one of the world's most internationally connected airport not to mention local and regional flights. What about your chances of getting bored? There are not as Paris offers a selection of leisure activities including many museums, as well as luxury boutiques, shopping malls, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes and bars. Foodies will be delighted by the unparalleled French cuisine. The renovation of Les Ateliers Gaîté, which shall reopen in 2020, includes nearly 100 additional stores on three storeys and a large food area. To top it all, the Grand Paris Express, an ambitious project which will be completed by 2024, shall be the world's most efficient public transport network – making getting around even easier. Paris also aims at becoming a greener city. Today, local authorities are encouraging people to plant flowers and trees everywhere.

New York City

New York City
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There's much more to New York than being one of the world's most diverse cities. Besides a large expat community, NYC is also home to a significant LGBTQ community. The World Pride, a grand event that was previously held in Rome, Toronto and Rome, will be taking place in NYC. This year, more than 65 million visitors are expected given the number of international arrivals in this major North American city. You might have thought that NYC is mainly about gigantic skyscrapers, multinational companies and shopping malls, but that's not all. While the city is world famous for its dynamic economy, plentiful professional opportunities and prestigious universities, it's also an excellent place to build and expand your social circle. With many conferences, meetups, events, festivals and parties taking place all the time, NYC is a lively and bustling city where you don't stand a chance of getting bored. There's also a selection of attraction sites, gyms and parks if you're a sporty expat, cafes, bars and restaurants if you're a foodie, museums and art galleries if you're a curious expat, to name but a few.


cultural festival in Tokyo
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One of the favourite destinations in Asia, Tokyo has nothing to envy to major European and North American cities. While it's true that the Japanese capital city is vulnerable to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, it is a top city for boosting your career thanks to the opportunities available, with particular emphasis on innovation. Besides its cultural wealth and diverse activities for all tastes, Tokyo is also a safe city. In recent years, the crime rate kept low – which makes it an excellent place to move to with your family. It's quite common to see children going to school alone without having a thing to worry about. With nearly 9.5 million inhabitants, Tokyo is a bustling city where you won't find it hard to adapt. Tokyoites are kind and friendly people, but you will also find a significant expat community. Besides, the work-life balance will allow you to discover the wonders of Tokyo, like parks, gardens and forests, museums, lakes and ponds. Tokyo also offers a selection of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes, a unique cuisine, along with an efficient transportation network that is available 24/7.



Catalonia's capital city, Barcelona is a charming city with magnificent architecture and offering an exceptional quality of life with a pleasant climate almost all year long. Expats find it easy to integrate this city thanks to its beautiful beaches, and its artistic and sophisticated neighbourhoods. Despite recent political and social turbulence, Barcelona remains one of the most favourite expat destinations. It has a distinct cultural identity even though it is expensive compared to others, especially regarding rent. In contrast, there's a significant offer in most areas. With its many attractions like museums, cultural and artistic events, bars, restaurants and pubs, and exciting nightlife, Barcelona is a lively city where bonding with people of different origins couldn't be more natural. Moving there will your family is another exciting experience thanks to its warm and friendly neighbourhoods with green spaces and all the amenities available. Besides, the Sagrada Familia will be accessible by 2026. In Eixample, for example, local cultural and sports centres, museums and zoos offer various family activities at discounted rates.