The best US cities for immigrant integration

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Published 5 months ago

As the world's largest economy with a wide range of prospects in all spheres of life, the USA is without any doubt one of the most attractive countries for immigration. With a multilingual population of various origins, the USA is a country where you won't find it hard to adapt. However, have you decided yet which would be the best destination according to your long-term plans? gives you an insight into six of the best US cities for migrant integration.


Newark, New Jersey
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In spite of being one of the most populous cities in the state of New Jersey, Newark, which is close to New York, is far from being a popular expat destination in the USA. You might be surprised to learn that Newark is a multicultural city thanks to its people of various origins including Portuguese, Italiens, West Africans, Brazilians and Haitians. This city shows a spectacular demographic growth for the past few years, owed to a sharp drop in the crime rate and a rise in the level of education. Many education institutions like the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Seton Hall University School of Law and Essex County College are found in Newark, so you don't have to worry whether you wish to study further or you are planning to move there with your family. Also, career prospects are abundant in Newark which is one of the leading insurance hubs in the USA. Many jobs are available in the services, transports, banking and financial sectors.


Baltimore, Maryland
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Baltimore is a popular expat destination in the state of Maryland, especially for professional reasons. As one of the biggest seaports on the east coast, Baltimore boasts of a prosperous economy. From a power station, it transformed into a major commercial and tourist hub. Career prospects are plentiful in the fields of finance, tourism, healthcare and education. Specialising in medicine and biotechnology, Baltimore is also a significant centre for research. Regarding higher education, the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University have an important international student intake every year. Even though poverty can still be seen in some areas, Baltimore made much progress regarding the integration of its communities – which probably explains its demographic growth for the past years. It's also worth noting that Hispanic and Afro American communities live harmoniously in mixed neighbourhoods.

New York

Central Park, New York
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As the world's and the country's largest financial hub, New York is a city that needs no introduction. Today, New York is also one of the most populous cities with nearly 8.55 million inhabitants and world-famous neighbourhoods like Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Big Apple can boast of a prosperous economy and good governance. The presence of a large number of multinational companies is a sign that jobs are abundant for expatriates. Overall, New York has an unparalleled reputation in the fields of trade, finance, technology, research, media, education, fashion and art. Moreover, its prestigious universities, including New York University, Rockefeller University and Columbia University, rank among the best in the world. Often, international students enrolling for higher studies in New York choose to stay back and contribute to its economy in various ways. Newcomers in New York benefit from a range of facilities and services helping them integrate.

Chula Vista

Chula Vista, San Diego

As one of the largest cities in southern California and the second largest in San Diego's metropolitan area, Chula Vista is a dynamic city that can boast of its cultural diversity. The expansion of its economy and the developing entrepreneurial scene significantly contribute to the demographic growth for the past few years. As at the latest population census, there were 243,916 inhabitants in Chula Vista, including whites, blacks, Asians and Hispanics. So if you try moving there, rest assured that you won't find it hard to adapt, whether you're planning to find a job or set up your own business. Moreover, potential entrepreneurs are entitled to a support framework. During the past few years, Chula Vista also turned into an attractive tourist destination thanks to its beautiful scenery between San Diego Bay and its valley, as well as the Chula Vista Marina, Aquatica San Diego, the Chula Vista Nature Center and the Otay Valley Regional Park.

San Francisco

San Francisco
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San Francisco is world famous for the impressive Golden Gate and the Silicon Valley. However, there's much more to this city that you have ever imagined. Today, as a leading technology hub, San Francisco is home to the head offices of prestigious companies like Google, Intel, Apple, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Facebook. Career prospects are thus available in the fields of technology, as well as finance and banking, not to mention the booming entrepreneurial scene. Besides being a popular tourist destination, San Francisco is also one of the country's most populous cities with more than 860,000 inhabitants including Americans, Chinese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indians, South Koreans and Thais. You will also find Little France in the Finance District and Irish and Russian communities in the Richmond District. San Francisco's cultural diversity makes it a pleasant place to live in, alone or with your family. Usually, newcomers find it easy to adapt thanks to the easy-going environment. San Francisco is also one of the most gay-friendly cities in the USA.


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Nicknamed "Philly", Philadelphia can boast of its economic emancipation and prosperity. As a historical, artistic and cultural centre, Philadelphia is home to more than 1.5 million inhabitants of various origins including African-American, Latino and Asian communities – which probably explains its linguistic diversity. Besides English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic and French are the different languages spoken by more than three-quarters of its population. The number of international students enrolling in Philadelphia's higher education institutions like University of Pennsylvania Law School and the American Law Institute with no doubt accounts for the demographic growth. For foreign professionals, job opportunities are mainly available in the tertiary sector, including insurance, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, and transportation.