The best festive ideas for expats who are alone

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Published last year

The world is getting ready for the New Year's Eve celebrations, and your social media newsfeeds are filled up with family reunions — but you are abroad, and you are alone. Don't let this ruin your mood; there are plenty of things you can do these days to celebrate with the rest of the world, as you deserve. gives you five ideas for making this holiday the best of your life!

Zahra Rymankhan

Zahra Rymankhan

Zahra is a graduate in Enlgish from the University of Mauritius. Her areas of interest are cultural studies and linguistics. She is passionate about baking, photography, and outdoor activities.

Get yourself invited to a friend’s house

invitation for dinner

Don't assume that people will invite you over to celebrate with them; not everyone is aware of your situation, and during these days everyone is indeed preoccupied with family. Thus, don't hesitate to reach out to friends, colleagues or acquaintances with whom you feel comfortable up to a certain level, and you enjoy their company, of course. It's most likely that they will invite you to their home for dinner or drinks, or maybe a movie night. People tend to be more welcoming and giving during these days, and you will get to enjoy the company of other expats or — even better — the traditions of your host country.

Organise a party

New Year's Eve party

If the above fail, but you are longing for a fun get-together, why don't you just host one? Ask your friends and colleagues about their plans (they will surely be other people at the same position as you), and invite them to your place for a party. Anyone can pitch in; food, drinks, desserts, music, lights... Such times will bring you closer, and at the end of the night, you may have made some very good new friends, who will stay with you throughout the year.



This might be your chance to do something for other people. Remember, the festive spirit is about spreading joy. There are several charities, orphanages, care homes for the elderly, and international organisations that need even more help than the usual during these days. Volunteer for your favourite cause, and spend your time contributing to your community! The smiles you will put on someone's face, and the love you will receive may be the most valuable present you have ever received.

Become a tourist


If you have been busy with work or studies during most of your time in your host country, this is the perfect opportunity to travel around the country, visit places you have never been to, and act like a tourist. With the streets and shops being decorated during this time of the year, even the most random places may seem magical. Don't stay in thinking what a great holiday you could have had; pack your backpack and explore new places. And do you know what the best part is? The streets will not be filled with people rushing around, so you get to take awesome pictures with no disruptors in the background!

Enjoy some me-time

me time

If everything else fails, you can always stay at home and pamper yourself. You can stay in your pyjamas all day long, watch movies or binge-watch your favourite TV-show without any guilt. If you aren't the doing-nothing-expat-type,  you see this holiday as an excellent opportunity to catch up with work assignments or homework, household chores, or your exercise. Remember, being alone does not necessarily mean being sad and lonely — you can always have a good time in untraditional ways.