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A picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of reading up about life in your destination of choice, have a look at some of our bloggers who have shared a wealth of photographs to help you discover what life in their country is really like.

A Thousand Diversions

Expat blogger in Finland
© Jutismita Hazarika

Exploring Finland and other European countries is Jutismita in her blog 'A Thousand Diversions'. She takes photos of the sights she sees and food she eats as she travels around the Nordic region and beyond. If you want to see (literally) what there is to do and discover the region's cuisine (she also offers up some great recipes for Indian dishes), Jutismita's blog makes for an interesting read. Be sure to check out some of her scenic pictures from her travels that will make you wish you were next to a lake on the edge of a forest.

Albom Adventures

© Rhonda Albom

An American in New Zealand, Rhonda photographs her international exploration on her blog 'Albom Adventures'. Although she is based in New Zealand, her travels span far and wide, with some great pictures of the places she has visited to boot. Of course, there are obligatory close-ups of great dishes she's eaten and stunning panoramic views. Adventure is the key word when it comes to Rhonda's blog, so if you've got a taste for it, have a look at 'Albom Adventures' for some inspiration.

Adventures of a London Kiwi

Emma has been living in London for more than ten years after falling in love with the city while travelling through Europe. Her well-documented visits to the different cafes, hotels, and restaurants around London in her blog 'Adventures of a London Kiwi' make for an excellent guide to discovering two things that have become ubiquitous in the city. In addition to blogging about her travels across the UK, she also photographs her expeditions abroad. Food is on the cards in her travels across Europe in addition to her documenting her strolls around the city.

Bagni di Lucca

© Bagni di Lucca

Debra and Liz both have homes in Italy across the river from each other, and they spend half a year in each country. The movie-like charm of their location and lifestyle comes across in the photos featured on their blog. However, they don't just travel between Brisbane and Tuscany – their travels often stray to other parts of Italy or Europe, and Debra documents a lot of these trips on the blog. Whether you want to see some of the sights of Europe or what day to day life is like in rural Italy, 'Bagni di Lucca' is certainly worth a read.

Piran Café

Based in Slovenia, Bob has visited 55 countries thus far, but his ambitions are even greater than this remarkable feat, and he hopes to visit every country on Earth. As a result, in 'Piran Café' expect photos documenting a fair bit of what the world has to offer, from nature and the great outdoors to the oddities of city life. You can also expect some interesting tales as Bob tries to (literally) see the world. If you are a serial expat or a keen traveller, his photos will certainly inspire a bit of wanderlust.