5 easy ways to expand your social network

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Published on 2017-09-27 at 14:33 by Veedushi
We all have this one person among our colleagues, friends, or family that's known as “social butterfly” for their networking skills, dynamic personality, and charismatic social interactions. But you can do it too — grow your network, and therefore grow your chances of finding useful information, support, and exciting job vacancies!  

Keep in touch with old acquaintances

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Are you a serial expat who settles into a different country every other year, or a digital nomad who travels around for the most of the time? If so, you definitely know how hard it's to build new trustworthy relationships, but what you may often neglect is maintaining these in the course of time. Take advantage of your frequent moves because they bring new people into your life with diverse ideas and international backgrounds. And when the time comes to bid farewell, make sure you have exchanged an email address and a phone number to stay in touch.  

Make smart use of social media

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You will be the exception if you aren't checking your Facebook news feed several times per day, or if you aren't keeping an eye on LinkedIn for career opportunities. That's absolutely fine.n However, social media can be more than a pastime — have you thought of the groups you can join, the events you can attend, and the causes you can fight for as a result of your social media activity? Don't just scroll and wait for information to come to you, but actively look for the things that interest you. This is an excellent way to connect with like-minded people (and not only) and expand your network.

Speak out about your passions

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Sometimes we tend to think that people aren't keen on listening about our passions, or that our passions aren't interesting enough. But how will you develop your ideas and gain a different perspective, if you never talk about them? And how will people know about possible ways to help you with your projects? So, don't hesitate to share some of your plans and check people's reactions. Also, don't hesitate to ask for recommendations of contacts who might be interested in joining you.  

Forget first impressions

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They say “the first impression is the most lasting”, and even though they are probably right, sometimes it's better to resist your instincts. It's normal not to click with everyone, or not to be able to bond but only with a few people from the many you meet. However, don't immediately exclude the people who don't win your heart from the first sight — there's still a lot you can learn from your interaction with them, or through them, you may end up meeting your mentor, you never know!

Volunteer for your community


If you aren't the type of person who enjoys late nights and alcohol, and you like keeping relationships within small circles and quiet places, don't get discouraged — there are still ways for you to expand your network efficiently. Have you thought to visit a local organisation that may need an extra pair of hands? This way not only you will work towards a cause and be useful to your community but you will also meet new people outside of your day to day routine.

Article translated from Développer son réseau à l'étranger