Family reunification visa

Kindly assist with what this means.

I applied for family reunification visa to join my spouse since May 30 2022 through the TLS center in Nigeria, its been 2 months now and the status on the TLS portal says " instructions (Additional)"

Does this mean am to provide additional documents?
Hi Adeola, I don't know TLS and how they work but if you have doubts, you can always send an email to IBZ or the consulate in your country to learn more about the status. IBZ generally doesn't answer questions about missing documents and says you will be contacted by the visa application centre. But the visa centres are kind of busy and while you are waiting you can send an email to the consulate to ask if is there anything you can do to speed up the process. Wish you good luck.

@Adeola Azeez its actually a glitch on the tracking web of TLS ignore it

I need to check the status of my wife visa. She applied on the 30th of March.I couldn't see any Online. Only the Belgium embassy in India said they send the file on the 7th of April. I called IBZ they said in processing.I ask why I could not see it, they said to have an issue server. in this case, what should I do?
@Adeola Azeez


I think the best thing for you to do is to call the centre and ask them to be sure.

Or better track your application on line and see where it is through TLS tracking.

Because instruction might mean they are waiting for the entry clearance officer to decide on your case or issue instruction on it .

Better go to the source than ask people who will give their own opinion that might be guessing opinion only.

My own advise I  can give you.
@Adeola Azeez
I also have instructions additional showing up on my portal though i called TLS contact and they said its nothing. If they need additional documents, they will send a mail.

@Gamargu yes they will. Check also junk mail

@Adeola Azeez u haven't received an email from TLS? Then call them and embassy

@Adeola Azeez Hi Adeola, did you receive you visa ?

@Ahmed Elmahy not yet. But I can now track on the ibz portal now.

@Adeola Azeez hi .. did you get any updates yet?

Dear all, I got a response today, "granting of visa on production of additional documents" on the ibz portal.  Do I need to contact TLS or I should just wait for their mail advising on the documents I should provide. Thanks

No, you should contact the embassy.

And most probably they'll ask for the flight ticket / schengen insurance

@Adeola I had the same result Instruction additional , but I got an email of visa approval

here is my timeline

applied 8th of May in Abuja , no update on IBZ website ,

I applied on the 8th of May

july 27th I got approval

passport returned Aug 4th

I pray this helps someone

@AlexFromBelgium  I got a mail that the additional documents are rental contract registration certificate and in accordance with a certificate for family reunification from the health insurance fund.

Please I need clarification on this.

Thanks for all your assistance.

@Adeola Azeez good afternoon, for the contract registration certificate you can get that on and for the insurance you can check under family reunification insurance which states that sponsor must prove that he has health inurance that covers all risk in belgium for himself and his family members

Please for clarity, must the rental agreement be 1yr before the rental contract registration certificate is issued?

@Adeola Azeez  I don't know about that but it depends on the contract given by the landlord. Mine was 1yr and half

@Ade mary thanks alot


I sent the additional documents which they needed on 27 of October. But, my application visa state hasn't changed yet.

@Chidi Ike  hi chidi ?what was the documents  you provided?

@AlexFromBelgium I had applied for short family visit to Belgium embassy on 28 September and have submitted all the docoments. My plan was to visit Belgium From 5 November to 12 November. On 3rd October i have received an email that your documents has been forwarded to Belgium emigration for decision making and you can't contact us directly. During this duration you can check your details on emigration website through your reference number. But no result has been shown over there.

After round about 50 days or so i have received an email from Belgium embassy on 23 November that you must update you air ticket,insurance and leave acceptance letter from employer through gerry. I have updated the above mention documents on 24 November. So, i want to ask in how much the answer is expected? Is it a positive response from their side or not?

Kindly guide me i shall be very thankful


Sadam shinwari

@siyam etemadi Hi. Same as mine. Pls has your status changed now? Please keep me e cos I applied on July and was asked for an additional documents on October. But up till now the status hasn't changed

@Jane Ogadi Chikezie

The status hasn't changed yet, I asked by email and they said it's in treatment and the status won't change till we give decision.

@siyam etemadi when did you apply it?

@Dinzy I applied the visa on 22 of Sep.

@siyam etemadi Still no update for your application?

@Dinzy, Yes, no update. What about you?

I got the requested 12 december and submitted the same day so far it's still waiting for additional documents, will we get updated if the document we sent has been submitted?


I do not think, they update your status.

They said like this to me.

Is that your status still waiting for additional documents?

My family reunion visa is APPROVED

My timeline.........

Applied on July 04

Registered on August 16

Additional documents on October 11

Submitted additional documents on Oct.20


I'm so happy and I pray those waiting will also get theirs approved in no distant time.

Thanks everyone for the assistance

Congrats, Jane !

that's great !So happy for you.

@Bhavna ....... thanks 👍

@Jane Ogadi Chikezie hi, if i may know, what kin of additional do you need to provide? and how did you provide them? Email/hardcopy sent to Belgian Embassy in your country? or did you sent it by email directly to Belgium?


They asked for  contract of my husband's work and payslips from his jobs.

It was sent back through email........

The same email they used to send the mail.

@Jane Ogadi Chikezie hi jane what documents did you send in total please , thank you

@Tachelle McCarthy

Your sponsor pay slip for 1 year

Sponsor Tax return

Sponsor Employment contract

Sponsor Insurance covering the dependent

Sponsor House contract and registration (my rent certificate too)

Sponsor Identity card front and back

Family Composition from the sponsor commune

Applicant visa application form

Applicant Birth certificate (legalised)

Applicant Data page

Applicant passport photographs

Marriage certificate (legalised)

These are the documents I submitted for family reunion with a Belgian (art40)

Thank you ade mary ,tax returns? And my rent registration how can my sponsor get this please

@Ade mary you didnt prove anything like marriage except for marriage certificate please ?