Quality (relaxed) compound in Khobar - European

Hello everybody,

After 10 years spent on other countries of the Gulf, I am preparing my move to Khobar - most likely will set foot there early September.

I am French, 34, single, very active - and looking for a place where I do not feel (too) constricted.

I had a look at 4 compounds, and would love to get real-life feedback from people who - directly or indirectly - have something to say ;
- RETAL Compound,
- RONDA Compound,
- Riviera waterfront village Compound,
- REFAD Compound,

What I am interested in ; western community, relaxed "inside" rules, sense of community, high level of quality (flat itself, maintenance, facilities,...), gatherings on evenings around the pool with the neighbors, shirtless runs in the compound,...

In addition to that - and I hope not shocking anyone - a place where I am able to bring female visitors who do not live in the compound.

Being single, I am obviously hoping to make encounters and while it is clear that laws must be respected outside the compound, I need a place where I can "be".

Thanking you in advance for your replies,