Oasis Compound at Khobar

Someone of you does knwo the Oasis Compound in khobar? It was offered to me by my company as place for living and would like if it is a good option or if other place could be better in Khobar.

oasis compound is one of the best compounds in khobar and the best compound in khobar is aramco they even have "apple juice" in there ;) which you cant live in it unless you are working in aramco company :rolleyes:

Take it and then submit my resume in for a job too!! Oasis compound is one of the oldest and with highest security! You will be more secure than the president!!

Oasis Compound OR Oasis Gardens??? Both belong to the same company but are very different in what they offer.
Oasis Compound is known to be very upmarket and the prices reflect it.
Oasis Gardens was very nice once upon a time (we have been here about 7 years) but now the villas are desperately in need of demolishing, maintenance is non existant and everything has gone downhill.  Even management tell you that their hands are tied and that all they can do is act as a buffer when you complain......
Security wise I think both compounds are very well protected but then Oasis Compound was one of those hit in the one of the attacks a couple of years ago.

alsgal wrote:

.....Oasis Compound was one of those hit in the one of the attacks a couple of years ago.

yeah thas when they sealed the whole compound with blast resistant walls and a freggin anti aircraft gun at each entry!! yah its safe alright!!!

Does Anyone know how much is the rent for Oasis compound for villa (4 bedroom atleast).

What utter nonsense. It was not hit a couple of years ago as I certainly did not hear or see anything. However it was attacked back in the early part of the millennium, where 22 were killed and about 25 were injured.

Both compounds have excellent security and you can go between the 2 compounds through a path alongside the soccer field. Ensure you are in the compound with the shops, tennis courts and pool. It's beautiful, however Aramco bets it hands down.

Welcome and Good luck

Suzan, you are referring to the Oasis Gardens and not the Oasis Compound.  They are two different compounds...
Oasis Gardens is actually made up of 4 compounds in one (Al Hada, Al Bustan, Al Zahra and Stemco).  These 4 are all connected and you can freely go between them.  However, the Oasis Compound is totally separate and in fact on a different road altogether.

Hi Syed,
Not sure on the actual rent for a 4 bedroom or even the availability but on Oasis Gardens you would be looking around 135 000 per year for one of the three bed prefabricated homes (not brick).

I found out the price.
here are there prices for anyone interested:


This Residential Resorts consists of the following categories:

1) Abdulaziz Oasis Villas & Recreation Center located in the main areas of the resorts.

   Villa Size: 425 square meters (+)

   Lease Price: SR 325,000.00 (+) per annum


2) Soha Oasis Villas & Recreation Center located in the main areas of the resorts.

    Villa Size: 355 square meters (+)

    Price: SR 265,000.00 (+) per annum


3)  Hanin Oasis Villas located approximately 3 minutes drive from the main resorts however the Oasis Residential Resorts offer transportation Saturday to Thursday from and to the recreational facilities.

    Villa Size: 435 square meters

    Price: SR 253,000.00 (+) per annum


4) Mishal Oasis Villas located approximately 5 minutes drive from the main resorts however the Oasis Residential Resorts offer transportation Saturday to Thursday   from and to the recreational facilities.

   Villa Size: 319 square meters

   Price: SR 224,000.00 (+) per annum


Our luxury villas consists of 4 bedroom,3 1/2 bath room, all with marble floors and furnished with hard pack such as living room, bedroom, dining room furniture as well as kitchen appliance such as refrigerators, stove, dishwasher, microwave oven, washer and dryer. Soft pack such as linen, cutlery, crockery, electrical appliance, etc. is the resident's responsibility.

Ground Floor: 1 living room(family),1 living room guest) ,Kitchen, Guest Bath Room,(soha has made Quarter and Laundry Room on Ground Floor)

First Floor: Master Bed Room king size bed,W/in suite Bath, Second Master Bed Room queen size bed,W/in suite Bath,3rd and 4thBed room 2twin size bed each or 1 full size bed each share one Bath.

Second Floor: Maid Quarter/Laundry Room/in A.Aziz,Hanin and Mishal sections.

5) Mishal Oasis Apartment Located approximately 5 minutes drive from the main resorts however the Oasis Residential Resorts offer transportation Saturday to Thursday from and to the recreational facilities.

   Apartment Size: 200 square meters

   Price: SR 190,000.00 (+) per annum


Our luxury apartments consists of 4 bedrooms,3 bath rooms, all furnished with hard packs such as living room, bedroom, dining room furniture as well as kitchen appliance such as refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer. Soft pack such as linen, cutlery, crockery, electrical appliance, etc. is the resident's responsibility.


Electricity: Above villa and apartment lease prices does not include electricity charges which is payable on a monthly basis.

Water: Above villa and apartment lease prices does not include water charges which is payable on a yearly basis.

Municipality: Above villa and apartment lease prices does not include municipality charges which is payable on a yearly basis.

Lease Period: Minimum of 1 year lease term

Deposit: 10% deposit is required for all villa and apartment leases which is non-refundable.

Telephone: all villas and apartments has extension through the operator.

Internet Services: The Oasis Residential Resorts provides internet service to all residents at a certain cost. No outside internet service provider will be entertained.

TV Channels: The Oasis Residential Resorts provides limited TV satellite channels. Residents may install their own satellite system through OSN at their own expense.  Additional charges for cable, etc. will apply should the resident choose to install the satellite system in other rooms of the villa/apartment.

6) Mishal Studio Apartment Located approximately 5 minutes drive from the main resorts.

   Apartment Size: 75 square meters

   Price: SR 95,000.00 (+) per annum


Our luxury studio apartments is spacious with 75sqm. in size and has sitting area, kitchen and desk area. The studio apartment is fully furnished with hard back to include king size bed, 2 side tables with table lamps, spacious closet with mirror, divider between the sleeping and living area, 2 seat sofa, single chair, coffee and side tables, dining counter with 3 chairs, large refrigerator and cooking range. Laundry rooms, DVD library, exercise and indoor recreational facility are available on the ground floor.

Moreover, an outdoor recreational facility includes swimming pool, tennis court and BBQ area. Musaad Beach facility is available for resident's enjoyment every Thursday of the week.

Furthermore, Reception Staff are on hand to assist the residents with their requirements and a complete security system is in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Electricity: Above studio apartment lease price is inclusive of electricity, water and municipality charges.

Lease Period: Minimum of 1 year lease term

Deposit: 10% deposit is required for all apartment leases which is non-refundable.

Internet: Individual internet connection for the resident is inclusive.

Telephone: all apartments has extension through the operator.

Cleaning service is available (optional).

Soft Pack is available (optional).



Are there actually any people at Oasis? My husband has been several times, and has not seen a single person. Not one. He's been there 4 times, different times of the day. I'm worried about moving there with 3 kids, being trapped,bored, and lonely.

Can u give me oasis cafe number if u have it

I'm currently just in the process of moving out to Al Kobar with my husband and 2 children. Obviously I am nervous and trying to research as much as I can. I saw your blog from last year and I wondered if you moved out there and if so what is it like. It's such a change I don't want to feel trapped. Any info would be fab
Stef x

Hi everyone.
becouse of my husband job, we are considering the offer of living in Al Khobar. It is very difficult for me in my womanhood topic, I have many doubts and fears. I am also a Catholic person, which makes it subject not to go to Church on Sundays. My husband said that would be home in Oasis Gardens, for me there are many unknown issues, like if I go out alone with my son almost 2 years, if there are places to take him to spend an afternoon and if there are more Latins in this sector .
I hope someone can help me with my doubts.

Greetings to all.

Hi everyone,
We r on d process of moving to alkobar & looking for a compound/village...I have 3 kids...I'm wondering if there's Filipino family on this compound?TiA

Hi all,

Oasis Compound is actually four smaller componds in one (Oasis, Al Zahra, Stemco and Al Hada) and people are leaving there monthly, as the owners have spent nothing at all on staff wages or maintenance of the facilities, including villa electrics!  The security that people refer to in the above posts is no longer in place (the main entrance next to Al Rushaid is now closed) and can be described as poor at best.

I lived there for two years - typical 2 bed villa on Al Zahra is SAR 150k) - and moved out a year ago to a MUCH, MUCH, better villa on Al Rushaid, where you can get top level accomodation for SAR 170k - 220k for 2 bed villas.  It is much cheaper if you live off-compound but safety should always be considered.  Europa compound is approx. SAR130k for a 2 bed villa, but is lifeless.

Note Rushaid, Oasis and Europa are expat compounds but whilst Rushaid is mostly American/British/Western European, Oasis and Europa have a mixed resident base (Chinese, expat Arab and Westerners but less and less each month).

I hope the above helps!

Thank u Homerkjs for d pointers...

Looking for some compound/villa/flat that r accessible to Philippine school since I'm from Philippines...

Still waiting for other feedback since will b transferring there by 2015...Really need your help everyone...


Hello ppl

I have recently shifted to khober, can u guys help me out with some gud hang out plcs, sheesha joints, or nythin fun.


Oasis gardens Compound has an enormous amount of space, including sand run/ bike track, football field and soft ball field, not the greatest upkeep, but it's one of the most spacious apart from Sara and Aramco , other compounds are very claustrophobic, you already live in a goldfish bowl here so the more space the better! The compound is poorly maintained but it's not horrendous! The management does have tied hands and he tries his best, as do the staff, I have been here 4 years on this compound and it's fine...but you have to keep yourself busy!! If you come with a " don't want to be here attitude" you won't survive!
If you have young kids on oasis there are no longer nursery or pre school as these closed down when the illegal people got kicked out, even though some residents have tried to get it up and running again, it won't work because people have the attitude of I'm not volunteering even if their kids were to go to nursery/ pre school, there are school s for older kids and one on the compound called Bisak.

There are. 4 pools, gyms, bowling alley, some kids places I think, trips and coffee morning etc, but all quiet now until after summer as everyone with kids usually leaves for the summer.

You also have access to the oasis resorts across the main road, which has pool. Gyms, cafe, restaurants , ice rink etc etc

I live on oasis so feel free to ask me questions :)

hey guys,

I have been working in KSA for about 2 years now mainly up north past Jubail I have heard some nice stories about Khobar and am going back to KSA now in a few weeks I am bringing my wife and son(4) with me. I have been offered a position with an American company , Does anyone know does Fluor reside here in any of these compounds as I need to see where my family will be accommodated. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



I just moved here a couple days ago. I don't like how isolated my "compound" is from...everything. It's next to a rather abandoned Las Dunas compound. My housing allowance, IIRC, is around 55,000 -- I know, not much compared to the big companies. But I don't really need much. A 1B1BH with access to a decent gym, retail & supermarkets, and... yeah. I guess my greatest difficulty is that I'm a single American female.

Anyway, what do you think? I don't want to be farther north than Las Dunas, as my school is actually south.

Thank you for any advice!

Our family is moving to Dammam in June of this year. Our company is renting a place for us called "Canary Village". I've seen their website with some photos. But I want to hear from people who actually live in the compound. Is it a big compound? Amenities? What schools are close to this compound? Activities for women during the day?

We are also planning to bring our cat with us, found out that Canary Village does not permit pets in the compound so that might be a deal breaker but If it's really a good place to live then we would consider leaving our Cat with the in-laws for the time being.

Any other compounds out there good for a family with children? Accept pets?

Any help/advice/input would be great and appreciated! Thanks!

Oasis Compound has the best security for a reason.  It was the site of "2004 Khobar Massacre."  You can find that exact  heading in wikipedia for further details.  Just thought you should be aware.

I read that there are several Oasis compunds.
I would like to get more information about the Oasis Abdulaziz. Is this well entretained? beacause I read that they are hands tied... is it for all of them?
What nationalities of expats are living there? are they manliy couples or families with children?
Do you have any idea of the prices they are practicing nowdays?
Is it secure? Was specifically the Oasis Abdulaziz the one attacked in 2004?
Would you have any other compounds to recommend me?
Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate.

Security is a joke in reality!

Security is not great...

Canary is good, Zamil slightly better. Al Rushaid is good also. Oasis is average with dreadful management...

Did you find somewhere?

Hi richardyoung,

Maybe you should know : Try to group all that you have or want to say in one post please so as to avoid multiple posting on the Forum :)

Thank you


Ooops. I was trying to reply to specific comments and didn't realise they were all in the same thread. I can't edit or delete them now either...

Hi Richard, the comments regarding security being non existent etc, regarding which compounds did you post this?
We're supposed to move to housing in Oasis Gardens, you got me worried now about security there..Please can you clarify?

Anyone else based at Oasis Gardens (aster -cherry tree, meadow etc), that want to chip in and tell me about their experience there?

It depends upon what you expect from security i guess. Entering the compound is average. There are lots (LOTS) of maintenance workers wandering around the compound each day and there have been several thefts from villas. Apparently the cctv cameras dont record and management are in denial...
There worse places.
what are the alternatives?

Thanks Richard. they proposed either Mishal or Oasis Gardens. The main worry for me is security: coming over with our family (4 kids) all I want is for them to be safe. Husband visted both compounds and chose Oasis. Think life is what you make it, so I'm sure we'll settle no matter which compound we arrive in, but a sense of security is important. Guess there will be theft anywhere (and as long as no one steals my kids, I can live with a burglary ;-) ) Do you enjoy life on the compound?

The compound is OK and there are lots of families here. There's a compound facebook page called oasis gardens residents, though i don't know if you can access it...

Moving to work in dammam next week .where can i rent an apartment 2bed rooms in compound that have pool and gym and respectable neighbors
I am considering khobar but if any once can give me average prices and compound names i would be gratefull ..
Have a great day all

I have heard there is a long waiting time for most compounds. I need to decide on moving to Khobar and would want to get some indication on approx cost / waiting time for finding accommodation. We would need a 2/3 BHK apartment in a compound which has all facilities such as a pool, gym, etc as well as a internal mart for day to day amenities, so that the missus can manage by herself.

Any inputs will be really appreciated.

Pop into Jarir bookstore and get Eastern Province today. There are lots of compounds listed. We've also mentioned a few recommendations in this thread...

hi friend
best place to go out  malls

its save

dhahran mall
rashid mall
all in khobar and dhahran so save and have many cafe's
   bye :) good luck


recently found out Oasis will be my home for the next year, looking forward to it!

The site says you have access to Musaad Beach, I was just wondering do many people at Oasis use the facility ??

Thanks!  :top:

Hi Peter, we've been only once and it was pretty empty, but it was during the December holidays which may explain this. The pool has been closed for maintenance until further notice and the sea is chilly so think it might be pretty deserted the coming weeks.