Suggestions? Good area to live in Khobar

Hi Friends,
I would be moving to KSA next month and would be working in 2nd Industrial City dammam . I am interested to live in Khobar as many of you have guided me that it is more lively and expats are more as compared to Dammam. I am not sure that housing would be expensive here as compare to dammam or no.

So, Now I was wondering to know if you people can help me in naming some of the nice areas in Khobar having less parking issues, maintained buildings and day to day activities shops nearby to look for a 1BHK or 2BHK apartment

And how much would it cost me per annum

Kind Regards

Hey friends, 31 views and no suggestions... Please I need your help... Guide me please

Hi. Bro.
I stay in Subekha, area in Al-Khobar.
Good happening place to live, Indians from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Tamil, Telugu, & many more cities,

They are well aware of Subekha, & Tukbah.

Indian Hyderabadi, Mallu, Bihari, restaurants-to Bangladeshi & Pakistani & Philippines restaurant & sweets shops, Pan shops,
you won't miss India, any more, if you stay here... As per not even my, but many people experience.

Closer by locations, Corniche beautiful beaches, + more to experiment with different people and their life style.

Try finding Subekha, budgeted flats,
& Tukbah, lil more budgeted...

All the best.

Thanks Mujahid,

Any other friend who would like to share his/her experience.

only two areas in Khobar are posh... no 1 Bandhria .. house rental range is from 50k/year to 100k par year .... and 2nd olyea rental range is 38k to 60 k per year   all depends on your annual budget of rent... Raka is another area  but mostly indian community is living there  , it starts from 28 k to 45 k per year... better u mention ur budget so that we can suggest best possible area

Thank a lot Desert :)

My Budget is around 40K per year looking for a nice 1BHK or a normal 2BHK in areas close to 2nd Industrial City, Usually people have refereed me RAKAH saying it will be easier to go in and out daily without stucking in traffic.
Some have refereed to Aqrabiya and Bandariyah...

Looking for more suggestions and contact if you know any real estate agent in these areas

RAAKA is total a wrong suggestions for commuting to 2ndIC ... but olyea is bit more easier almost 15 mints less drive than reaching raaka .. and also its far better than  Raaka ..u can find good house of 2 beds in  oleya

Hmmmm Thanks Desert . I will consider Oleya now :)

I just moved here a month ago, found 2BR place for 36K in Ulaya. Its a nice and quiet area with small family parks, excellent main road access. It has near by malls, supermarket and local vegetable market as well.

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