Best home location for indian family in Al Khobar

i am planning to move Al Khobar during last week of August 2023 with my wife. i would like to request you all to guide me finding 2 bhk apartment in Al Khobar where Indian community lives. we are 2 memebrs.

@ozajitendra Hello and welcome on board !

Please create an advert in the Housing in Khobar section of the website. You will get some offers.

All the best


@Bhavna Thank you for quick reply. which is the best location for Indian Hindu family? Request you to guide me.

@ozajitendra I don't know ! Members will guide you if they know.

@ozajitendra, the families are scattered all around at Shamaliya, Thuqbah, Aqrabiah. If you have any friends already at Khobar, it is better to look in their area. If not, there are many options.   

I am new to Al Khobar and looking for good good location

@ozajitendra have you landed in alkobar? I stay in aqrabia alkobar.

if you need any support DM me.

Thank you

Mahesh KP

Dears- I need one room on Rent  furnished with Kitchen,Which Place is Best in Khobar,where atleast Hindu community Domintaes.I am living in Khobar for the Last of 1 Year. i am Alone only.


hello, please create an advert in the Housing in Khobar section to receive offers.

You may also address your request to Real Estate professionals.

All the best


Thanks Bhavna- Your Quick Revert and Understanding...!!


Hi good morning. Finally reached Al Khobar. Request you to advise on family accommodation in Al khobar