Al Ansari II compound?

Hi all,
We're looking for a bew compound at the moment, and saw this Al Ansari II compound recently opened. We visited but saw no-one around, it still seems completely empty.. Anyone living there or considering it? Just wondered what it was *really* like - don't want to choose the wrong housing and having to move again..

Thanks.. :-)

Hello Emka,

I visited the Ansari II compound and i am planning to move in by the end of this month or early June. the manager mentioned that he already has 10 families moving in by the end of this month + 2 people already living there. At the beginning, i will move in by myself. My wife and 2 daughters (1 and 3 years of age) will join me around September incha allah.

Keep me informed :).

Thank you.

I have visited Ansari2 compound in Al-Khobar; met the manager have seen Villas and apartments. They have only 14 villas in total but lots of apartments. Prices are high and they are increasing prices almost every week. They look like non-flexible and seems are in hurry to rent the villas and apartments within no time. I have seen people disappointing due to high prices. At the moment no grocery store is available; it might be due to only few tenants. As per them they will increase the prices every year.

In my view if they bring the prices of 3 beds villa 170000-180000 SAR; they can rent the villas very fast  by giving the surety that they will not increase the prices in next 2-3 years.

R u still living there in Ansari 2 compound... hows the experience services etc