gulf pearl 1

hi anyone here in gulf pearl 1 compound been to see it and now waiting for the company to sort out the rest be nice to know if anyone here is there please.

OK so no-one here knows anyone in the gulf pearl 1 compound?

Don't sound good, hope i haven't made a bad choice here for my wife to live with me there, was kinda hoping there were SOME westerners there.

well i suppose not all expats in Saudi are on here so i just have to hope and pray it works out

hi there.  my husband was on Gulf Pearl for around 5 mnths this year.  when he first moved here in Feb, he had to find something quickly, so that's all that was available.  the children and I came to visit him in April (from Australia) and i personally didn't like it. the villa was nice and big, although the kitchen was really outdated and the bathrooms kept leaking.  Maintenance was very thankfully we finally moved to Zamil Village which is so nice.  Other thing i found with Gulf Pearl was that i didn't see any other westerners......all arabs.  we were practically the only ones at the pool.  when i'd go to the pool at 11am, all the other ladies were in the cafe/restaurant smoking their shisha.  well that's our personal story.  I can recommend Zamil, Arabian Village, Euro Village and Oasis Gardens.  For a more comprehensive list, go to  There will be a waitlist though.  Good luck!


Did you ever move in? How was/is it. I have a viewing later in the week.

Is it Noisy /Quiet
What facilities (if any) are on the compound ?
Is any security provided?
Is there adequate car parking?
Is there a good route from the compound to Aramco?

Any help would be appreciated