Western Compound - 3 Bedroom Villas in Al khobar

Hello Guys,
Just posting my experience in the quest of a new 3 bedroom villas for myself, wife and 3 kids. Bare in mind this posting is published on March 2016, so if you are reading this a year from now, situation, prices, availability might have changed.

So for the past 2.5 years i have been residing in the Oasis Gardens Al-Bustan (don't mix it up with Oasis Resort) Both are part of Al Saad holding company. The compound situation has been deteriorating for the past 5 years but more so in the past year and now its going downhill with all the financial trouble that Al Saad group is going through plus Saudi market impact of oil prices going down. In a nutshell, All Saad properties are suffering due to salaries not getting paid to employees for many months. No Proper maintenance to facilities, many security breach with gates sometimes be left open with no attendance, and unmotivated employees that are waiting for the chance to transfer to work somewhere else. So the latest news is that Oasis Gardens is at 30% occupancy at this moment.

so therefore, we have decided to start looking for another compound that is rated as good in terms of house finishing, facilities, and community.

We started asking friends and researching on the internet on different websites. We found a good website that post open availability for different compounds in major cities in Saudi. The site address is rightcompound.com
The website will give you a good idea about what size of housing available, facilities, what is included in the rent and location of the compound. The website is not comprehensive of all compounds in the area, but it has a good list.

So based on feedback of friends and our research we selected the following list to go and view:
1. Almohamadiah
2. Al Zamil
3. Canary
4. Al Dana and Al Nada
5. Al Rushaid

Our impression on each compound is as follows:
1. Almohamdiah: is a newly built (2013) compound, with one security gate (I think its more convenient with same level of security). The manager was very hospitable, the compound seemed to be less than half occupied, new location close to Cornich. However, we found many issues in there. one issue is there no mini market, which is convenient for ladies, the layout of the 3 bedroom main floor was terrible, tiny kitchen with no dishwasher, and wasted space all over the place. (250K)+. Citizens are Koreans, Arab and some Westerns

2. AlZamil: is a 15 years old compound, with 2 security gates. Has all kind of facilities and services including 2 swimming pools, bowling alley and mini market. The villas looked a bit old with old finishing and older furniture. however, you have your own backyard and lots of space in the villa. (240-280K) +. Residents are mainly from the UK and US, so I consider this to be a western compound

3. Canary: with 2 security gates, also has great facilities , nice large pool and nice landscape, clean. The villas looked really old and finishing is horrible. They definitly need to remodel the units and install some new nice looking furniture. it also has Shared backyard  (200-250K) inclusive. Mix residents with Arabs and westerns

4. Al Dana and Al Nada: with 2 security gates. The villas looked the best in terms of finishing and furniture, lots and lots of space and storage rooms. Facilities was ok but they could do better job there. You also it also has Shared backyard  (200K) inclusive. Residents are mixed UK, US and Arab

5. Al Rushaid: with 2 security gates, also one of the newest nice large compound and nice landscape. The villas looked OK. facilities are really nice and housekeeping is great. you have your own backyard  (240-280K) +. Citizens are mainly from the UK and US, so I consider this to be a western compound