Looking for a female roommate in Khobar


I'm going to rent a fully furnished apartment and been looking for a female roomte for a while. It's so hard to find one in saudi.  :(
I'm trying my luck here, do you know any female who would be interested to share an apartment? 


You can try ur luck on Facebook. Its more easy than here finding a room partner.

Do you know any particular fb groups? That would be helpful.

Search : Dammam Expatriates, Dammam expatriate community. Place your ad there . Hope the best

Let me ask a friend she weaselling g a time ago

Check expatraite
And place ur ad thr
Hard to get female roomate but any way good luck

how much po ang rent if ever and saan po exact location?

@ annsky > This offer is from 2018 and may not be available. If you are looking for an accommodation i would advise you to post an ad in the housing in Khobar section, it might help you.


Expat.com team

When you entered in Saudi Arabia, Employer will arrange accommodation for Single status ladies and it was not your job to let you and Real Estate will not give you agreement also. How can you let the room. Married woman leave with her husband. Husband will arrange and rent accommodation.

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