Al Rushaid VS Oasis Compound

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We will be moving to AL khobar from Qatar in couple of months, we heard that Al Rushaid and Oasis Compound are the best ones, can someone share any information they know, we are looking for an expat friendly community with lots of kids playing around, activities for kids and adults, good social life, good facilities, maintenance and so on.. preferably close to the American embassy.

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Anyone? :(

Im not there yet, but I have been researching like crazy LOL From what I have found and heard from people currently there-Oasis is a no go-apparently the workers went on strike and there's no real security and no maintenance in the compound. Rushaid is supposed to be amazing with lots of activities for kids and families, parties, etc. 2 playgrounds, bowling alley, coffee shop, restaurants, preschool, exercise classes, beauty salon etc. The upkeep is supposed to be really good there as well. Thats all I've been able to find out so far :)

Im not sure which Oasis it was, I can't figure them out LOL Good luck to you as well!

Strikes and no payments is Oasis Gardens. The compound is emptying out, 50% occupancy at the moment. Maintenance is terrible, and be aware there is no pest control anymore...There were a lot of activities for kids, but the sports department went on strike (no payment) so many of them have stopped. A few have started again as they got some money, but right now they've not received any money again I'd say Rushaid is a safer bet for you!

I just moved into Al Rushaid. There are lots of kids and activities. The place is nice and the maintenance men are quick to react.


It is better to go Al Rushaid Compound the Oasis Compound now is having problem with all Employees
and all SAAD Group Companies

Hello all,

Does anyone have contact information for Al Rushaid 2? I can not find much information on the internet, and I am not yet in Country.


Any luck with the contact info?

Am I correct in saying that there are 3 different parts to Al Rushaid compound?

Yes, the are three villages (four if you count the bachelors).  All are within the same compound and you can easily walk from one to another.

Darcain thanks so whats the best website to view the compounds with photos?