Choosing A Good Compound In Khobar

Hello, my name is Paul, I'm currently living in the UK, and I'm a manager working within the oil and gas industry.

I hope to be relocating to Khobar in the coming weeks. This will be my first time living in KSA.

I would be grateful for your advice and recommendations please...

Having researched apartments and compounds in Khobar, I feel that living in a compound is my preferred option. The problem is that with so much choice, and conflicting information on google, it's difficult to know which are the best options/deals. I see prices ranging from £6,000 (30791 SAR) to £30,000 (153957 SAR).

My main requirements are:
1. Furnished and serviced accommodation for 1 person
2. Fast internet
3. Well equipped gym
4. Outdoor pool area

Question: What is the best website to view compounds?
Question: What is the rental cost for an average compound annually?
Question: Is there anything in particular that I should look out for when viewing compounds? 

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best wishes

Hi Paul,
Try tammim compound.

check gulf pearl compound in rakkah ...  nice one


Hi Paul, check Fanar compounds , they are good and you can find one, as per your requirement.


@Paul2021 Hey Paul I came across your post and I see it's almost a year ago

Iam going through same process as yours and am kinda lost and I need to figure out how your quest ended up to not to re-invent the wheel allover.

If you dont mind of course