Do you really need to rent in a compound?

Many years ago it was necessary for expats to rent in compounds merely due to the lack of activities and services being offered to people living in khobar. is a very different landscape. There are plenty of activities, gyms, restaurants, malls, shopping areas....for you to take full advantage of.

In the past, compounds would make up for lack of activities in the city, by offering residents a cafe, sports activities (gym, tennis court, bowling alley) and they would charge more rent than if you were to rent outside a compound. The city is now fully integrated and inundated with so many things to do, and so the necessity to move into a compound is not there anymore because the city has so much to offer its residents. 

Rents in a compound can be 20 to 30% more expensive than if you were to rent outside a compound. The average rent range for a 3 bedroom in a compound with good facilities is anything between SAR80,000 to 150'000 per year for a villa, and 60,000 to 90,000 for an apartment. However, the same property (if not bigger) but outside a compound range's between SAR50,000 to 100'000 for a villa & SAR40,000 to 70'000 for an apartment.

I recommend anyone considering moving to Khobar (or Saudi Arabia) to consider not only compounds but also stand alone accommodation outside compounds.

Well yes and no.  I agree that living outside is cheaper and doable in today's times vs. in the past.  However, unfortunately, in Saudi, not many apartment buildings have amenities like, say, apartments in Bahrain do e.g. gym, pool etc.  I don't want to take a separate gym and pool membership and waste time on commuting.

I live in Riyadh and after hunting everywhere for a building that would offer these things, ended up going to a compound.

@XTang I agree with your point of view. 

It is better to pay all inclusive for amenities and security than pay separately.

I am going to move Al Khobar in upcoming weeks,  unfortunately can't find the proper websites about compounds and apartments/villas.

My employer advised me to start searching accommodation after moving to Khobar,  but I want to sort out it initially before arriving.

My work location mentioned as Al Khobar  - Al Johara.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share with me.

@Rashid Mammadzada

Hi Rashid....hope all is well. You can try and contact a very good real estate agent based in Khobar (Amana Properties). They mainly deal in residential property and geared to the expat community. Give them a call (***

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Yes...agree with you somewhat, especially when living in a city like Riyadh or Jeddah, commuting can be a pain. Living in Khobar we do not really suffer from traffic, any commute is between 10 to 15mins from A to B.

Hi jassam64. Could you PM me the contact of the real estate agent please? Much appreciated.