Documentation for temporary residency


I am reviewing what documents I need to bring with us to use when applying for temporary residency.

Passports, Proof of income, Marriage Certificate, Rental Agreement, health insurance, Police certificate are all self explanatory. But, some lists I have seen require a bank guarantee, €15000 in a Cyprus bank account and  a health declaration.

I was not planning to open a Cyprus bank account but to use a Starling bank Euro account, is this sufficient. I have  no idea about a bank guarantee or the health declaration. Could somebody let me know if they are needed and how I get them.

I understand there a companies who can help facilitate getting our immigration status sorted out who are a lot less expensive than a solicitor. Does anyone know of any I could use, should I contact them before I arrive or wait until I get there. At the moment we plan to settle in the Paphos area.

Cyprus seems a very bureaucratic country, and it seems things can take awhile to get done1f60e.svg

Yes you do need to take a bank account in Cyprus and you need to put funds in there also you do need health insurance we went with your own life insurance and health insurance too ensure we have all the right documents you don't have to have the life insurance but you do need to have health insurance if you need anything else message me and I'll tell you anything you need too know.
There's another thread that talks about this. I think there's also a link to a document stating the guarantee amount required depending on which country you come from.

I don't recall a separate health declaration, that would be part of acquiring health insurance, ie pre-existing conditions that won't be covered.

Hope that helps.

There's another recent thread with a list of solicitors.
Your health insurance must also fully cover repatriation.....

It's no more beaurocratic now than is normal for non EU nationals which of course UK nationals now are .. sadly but it is what it is.

The deposits now I am afraid are a requirement  set by immigration dept criteria unless of course you are going to work then you need a work permit applied for by the of course Brits come third choice for jobs .. IE after Cypriots and EU nationals unless of course you have a skill that cannot be fulfilled locally from the first two groups
Yes health insurance for your visa as this is one of the requirements I have the list of requirements here if this will help as I had this from the the Cyprus Embassy.
The problem I have with opening a bank account is that you seem to need either a rental or a sale agreement to show an address in Cyprus along with a utility bill. So until I find a rental I am a bit stuck. I have no problem putting the €15000 on deposit but does it have to remain on deposit until my temporary residency comes through or can I use it. Seems a bit much along with proof of income as well. For example when I open the account and I deposit €15000 can I then use it to buy a car a couple of weeks later.

I am retiring so a work visa is not a problem, I also qualify for an S1 with allows me to join GESY. I can get health insurance but I question why I need it if I have an S1. Just seems like an unnecessary expense.

@wtsikkouris1982  can't you PM me the list please.

To make applications, documents and fees will vary depending on what visa you apply for. For short term visas, the following is required, a copy of your passport, proof of financial means, proof of accommodation, a letter from the bank to verify finances, two passport-sized photos and proof of health insurance and the required fees.
I don't think you need the photos now as the applications for residency will require biometrics and will be digital photos and finger prints.. the photos and prints will be taken at the dept

Temporary residency from application to getting your actual card can take many months  .. IE even those who have got meu1or MEU3 and go for the new biometric cards can take 6 months or more. But you given an application acknowledgement / payment receipt so that should help with the bank...

As you have a three month window visa free you can go for a rental agreement as soon as you get here start looking immediately and get your accom sorted out you may be lucky and find what you need within a few weeks even if that is short term .. inmigration dept make no legal requirement to have a minimum period rental agreement there is no time constraints on the rental agreement.

As for a utility bill in your name bills only get issued at 2 months for elec  and 3 months for water but once you have your rental agreement and have your utilities turned on and transferred to you you will pay the required deposits this will most likely be sufficient as you will be given deposit receipts

The deposit in the bank may need to stay for a short  while I don't think it's overly lengthy as this is their guarantee that you have sufficient funds for support here along with other proof of finances... It is my belief that you can draw upon it .. in the meantime you can draw cash via the starling account at all ATMs but would suggest staying clear of the private ATMs ...

People who can help you with immigration

Lawyer Esme Palas (Michael Kyprianou lawyers)

Natasha Maria at Costa Rica Tavern Chloraka … 159854347/

Gwennys Red Tape Services... … 449883995/

There is another one that I know of  who specialises in non-EU and wil post that when I remember her name ... UPDATE
Elena Mala ..

and whilst using a lawyer  comes at a cost they can arrange the immigration appointment, appointment with the bank and provided all the necessary information and advice needed together with a list of all documentation needed for immigration and bank etc. And conveyancing if required.  It can make a big difference to stress levels and anxiety .... Some will even do all of this remotely but you must attend the actual application appointment interview in person ...
Get your bank account sorted for immigration... Maintain your starling account for immediate use  in terms of ATM cash and currency exchanges . Then later use . far better than the usual suspects for currency..

Note proofs of statements will need to be produced and likely need to be initialed and stamped by the issuing bank
Tip keep all your documents and records (and print them off as you go) as at 5years you are now obliged to apply for permanent residency with a full 5 years of evidence that you live here on a permanent basis .. as failure to do so on time will render you liable to a €2500 fine..
Hi Toon, thought I would schedule an appointment with Paphos migration for first week in September.

No appointments are available from now through December. Didn't look at January. Any thoughts? Guess I will have to go to Gwynny
You must time 90 days ahead of today but the appointments are time released every 20 minutes keep trying ... It's what I did and was successful at the third attempt as cancellations often reappear as empty slots....
Thanks, I will keep trying.

Hi were moving to Cyprus and are going for permanent residency by purchasing a house and depositing €30000 in a Cyprus bank

So if we arrive with travel ins under the 90/180 days and we didn't complete within the 90 days could we apply for temporary res permit at this stage

Presumably for the first 90 days travel ins would cover us and after if necessary health ins until we rec'd our permanent residency under the investment scheme ? Ty
Its temporary residency via pink slip with €15k each deposited for the first five years at which point you can apply for permanent .... There are links and subjects elsewhere here on pink slip requirements...

The only way to get a fast track residency is i think by buying a property or properties  in excess of €300k..

You will arrive as tourists so will have a 90 day visa .. you must lodge your appointment for residency that you can prove the application and that should cover you beyond  90 days as long as you have comprehensive  health insurance  including repatriation

Note... get your appointment as soon as possible as the appointments right now are about 3-6 months ahead of now.... .

I assume if the fastrack.option is being followed that you will engage a lawyer for the immigration or a professional immigration assistant to to tie in with a purchase

Also note that finding a place to buy may take longer than you.might think. Also it assumes that know exactly where you want to  be and are familiar with the location.... If not then I would suggest you rent first before buying to be sure of location.. things change dynamics change

Good luck

@Toon Hello, am now in the process of trying to renew a temp residency permit ( 1 year) for my elderly dad following the sad passing a few weeks ago of Melanie Osborne we are left a bit stuck regarding what to do. Do you have any idea of the docs required for the renewal of the temp residency permit? as our appointment is Monday am !

any advice or help would be greatly appreciated !

thanks !

Not 100% sure but as it's a renewal i think its likely to be the same as original application as they will want to be sure that the applicant complies with current requirements now and each year. .. the Form and the current documents to prove address income statements bank guarantee doc and police good conduct cert . Passport and present res permit.

Am not sure if other requirement as in the new rules (blood tests for hiv tb hepatitis) are required for the renewals process

If unsure maybe get in contact with

People who can help you with immigration

Lawyer Esme Palas (Michael Kyprianou lawyers)

Natasha Maria at Costa Rica Tavern Chloraka … 159854347/

Gwennys Red Tape Services... … 449883995/

Red Tape Resolved ...

Elena Mala ..

In think it may be best to contact this lady first rather than incurring the expense of the above contacts.. as it should be much easier for renewal and rulres and requirements change so much

Elena Hadjigeorgiou

Administrative Officer

Civil Registry and Migration Department

90 Arch. Makariou III aven. , 1077 Nicosia

+ 357-22308655 + 357-22308749

[email protected]

If I can make contact I will repost here … 2C00382AD7

Extract from above link

Necessary supporting documents

The necessary supporting documents for each category, which will accompany the application, both for the first registration and for the renewal of the license, can be found at the bottom of this page.

Entry into the Republic and first registration and renewal procedure

In order for a TCN to submit an application for first registration and temporary residence permit as a visitor, he/she must enter the Republic through a legal entry with an entry visa (Visa) issued by the Diplomatic and Consular Authorities of the Republic (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and with the presentation of a valid travel document. Before the expiration of his visa, he/she should submit the application for a temporary visitor's residence permit to the central offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department or at the district branches of the Aliens Immigration Unit of the police or to the provincial levels of the Aliens and Immigration Service, depending on the district where he/she resides. Regarding the renewal of the visitor's permit, applications must be submitted up to one month before the expiration of their existing permit.

Thanks both of you for the links.

I read the list of supporting documents required which includes a CRB check from previous country and the blood tests. I had heard elsewhere that these were not coming into play until Jan 2023 and were obviously not part of the first application we made as they didn't exist then. Can anyone shed any more light on these new requirements and when they are starting from ?

Toon, regarding the renewal of the residence permit I can see it says up to one month before the permit expires but my dad's appointment was booked by Melanie to be the day before of expiry as she seemed to have contacts within immigration.

Please double check with your immigration agent or immigration authorities.

The new regime and/or additions that have been decided, will be enforced starting from January 1st 2023.

It is worth noting that a grace period will be imposed to allow applicants to comply with the new regime's requirements until 01/05/2023. … _access=on

@sakers82 I think you should be ok ... Especially as there is a grace period... I would suggest speaking to one of the contacts identified above

Thanks Toon, DVB. Will report back how I get on

@sakers82 cheers that would be most helpful

Immigration visit field report Dec 2022 for renewal of visitor visa/1 year temp permit.

Arrived early this morning for 7.30 appointment at 7 am no one was there but was fearing all the crowds waiting up in the stairwell as have seen before but luckily none of that.

we were first in and explained why we had not filled out the forms due to Melanie passing and the lady seemed to understand. Gave us a quick form to fill out and took bank statements last 3 months, title deeds, utility bills and letter from mukhtar ( don't think this was needed) passport copy, health insurance etc but none of the new requirements were needed. When I asked what was coming in Jan, the lady seemed not to know either.

then on to quick biometrics and out. All in all a successful visit and in and out in 30 mins which was ideal as you do not want to be hanging around that place for too long.

hope that helps someone.

@sakers82 well done .. I know what you mean it's like the black hole of Calcutta on a normal day ..

Yes LOL 😂 it really is. Am not sure if it has improved since I went last Jan but seemed less chaotic this time as they had everyone's name down who was due to be in before they let anyone in, compared to before when it was people queuing down the stairway