Pink slip stay requirements

Hi - we are UK retirees and we are strongly contemplating a permanent move to Cyprus through Category F but we will need a pink slip in the first instance. We have read many Internet articles about the requirements but some of them have left us confused about how long we need to be in Cyprus once we have our pink slips. Most articles state that we cannot be away from Cyprus for more than 3 months at a time and some say we cannot be away from Cyprus for more than 4 months TOTAL in the period. Can anyone possibly provide a clarification. Many thanks!  Tony

It's 3 months must not leave for more than 3 months in in one go in the year of your permit ...automatically cancelled if you exceeded it

Pink Slip restrictions

Cannot stay out of Cyprus for more than three months continuously as the permit would be cancelled automatically

No right to work in Cyprus

Is granted only to non-EU Nationals who wish to extend their stay in Cyprus

Valid for one year, can be renewed annually

Cheers for the clarity Toon!

What are the requirements for this pink slip is it actually a card ?  I'm led to believe you must visit at least every 3 months or it gets cancelled, how long can you have it for or can you just keep renewing every time it expires 

It's a biometric temporary residency permit card and you renew every year but must not leave Cyprus for more than 3 months continuous as It will automatically be cancelled. When you have Been here legitimately for 5 years you can apply for permanent residency

Requirements ..... … ce-permit/

Thanks for the info

Tip take everything you can .. take copies ... Best to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it ... Is key.. go prepared.. use an agent.. it is slow and frustrating so take a seat a book some snacks and drinks

Its the large deposit of money into cypriot bank is the killer

Yes we know ... It impacts on quite a few..... Its not easy by any means .. and as one gets older healthcare costs are horrendous

Just completed my yellow slip and had to deposit 20k in a Cypriot bank. The amount seems to vary and I did attempt the immigration meeting but was not called in as the agent did all the work and they just accepted it lol

20k deposit can be withdrawn but needs to be back for the renewal and I was recommended to pay all Cypriot bills from the Cypriot account and have salary paid in.

As normal everyone get differing info and it depends on the person on the day! As Toon say be prepared and have everything with you. It seems so crazy I was expecting to be asked for a letter from my mum lol

One other point if you bring vehicles with you be prepared for many hours in the dept. of transport! I am beginning to wish I sold them in the UK. Again total chaos and hours of waiting around.

@phildraper we sold up in UK when we moved to Malta 2008 and did the same again when we moved to Cyprus 2014 much easier...

Once again it seems like it depends on who you see at immigration.... And  strengthens the argument of using an agent.....

I thought yellow slips had finished and now pink slips ? Or is there both and whats the difference? And does the amount in the bank come down if your single ?

Yellow slips are the EU residency documents MEU1 for temp residency MEU2 for non EU spouses and MEU3 for permanent residency. These were once all pink slips in the past IE pre Cyprus being in the EU....

Yellow slips now are only given to EU nationals MEU1 and MEU3 and these will be replaced by biometric cards in the next few years...

Due to Brexit and necessary Withdrawal Agreement requirements for a period of time Brits were issued with MUKW1 for new arrivals and AND those who had MEU1 & MEU3 could choose to exchange for MUKW1& MUKW3 although it wasn't and still isnt mandatory.. yet

The current pink slips are for non EU nationals and are temporary residency permits/visas for one year and renewable for up to 5years then you can apply for permanent residency

Bank statement & proof of transfer from abroad

Deposit/Transfer € 24.000 in a Bank account in Cyprus which should be transferred from abroad. If brought in cash needs to be declared in the airport on arrival and get the confirmation document.

If bank transfer, one needs swift or confirmation from the bank in Cyprus that this amount was transferred from abroad.

This amount is increased by 20% for the spouse and 15% for each child.

I suspect there may be some flexibility on the numbers depending on circumstances IE actual regular incomes... They also say deposits of more can be imposed if necessary


We were looking at cat f fasttrack residency and I thought you needed private cover until your residency came through

At the time there was a long delay in getting residency the usual way and again I thought private cover was needed in the meantime

Cat F fast track you definitely need private health care cover ... I assume your fast track will be for permanent residency via property investment... As that  would make you eligible for gesy healthcare once you have the PR document so healthcare up to that date would be essential...

Even fast track can take a long time.. well, longer than you would expect..

Normal route to temp residency especially if it's without a form S1 ( ie as a person in receipt of state pension or a cross border worker) you would need healthcare cover

Just some additional info....

I recvd my Alien's registration certificate which is yellow and has a ref at the top MRC1 I do not have a European passport so guess this is the new docs for non-eu. I have been told I will be notified when my bio metric id card is available to be collected from immigration. Should take approx 4-6 weeks apparently. Total cost I had to pay Cyprus immigration was 140 euro. CC&A the firm I used to help me did all the checking of the docs and on the appointment day I was not even called into the immigration room just spent 1 hour in the waiting room and then all done! Total time from arrival to completion was 3 months.

What was the €140.for ....two persons or one

It was for 2 people

Ok cheers Phil.....

Allowable absences with various residency certificates

6 months max absence under meu1 .. 90.days max absence under pink slip and 5 years max absence for current PR MEU3 .. then they can cancel them....

I have to clarify these would be continuous absences

@Toon we should all remember that the new biometric plastic card will be Mandatory for all permanent  expats by mid 2026.

I think it's highly likely to bring it forward...probably to end of 2024.... So best be prepared to do the change

@phildraper hi I to have a MRC1 yellow slip can you tell me how long this document is valid for as we to used CC&A and we assumed it was an ongoing yearly thing but nobody will answer the question

Pink slip Is yearly renewal