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Updated 2020-05-05 12:09

Cyprus is becoming an increasingly popular market for expats. People migrate to this Mediterranean island for its terrific climate, the affordable living costs and the blending of several different cultures (as the country is located between Europe, Asia and Africa). If you are planning to live and work in Cyprus, you should be aware of the state of the labour market in general and in your area as well as the requirements and formalities needed based on your nationality. Generally speaking, EU/EFTA nationals as well as UK citizens, will have a much easier time finding work in Cyprus than third-country nationals.

The labour market in Cyprus

Cyprus saw a market boom after joining the EU in 2004, as many multinational companies saw the island as the perfect place to establish an EU base. Job vacancies thus increased, particularly in the financial and tech sectors. Even though Cyprus underwent a severe economic crisis which resulted in capital controls between 2013-2015 to prevent a bank run, the economy is now bouncing back, and the job market is equally recovering. The unemployment rate in Cyprus is currently 7.5%, less than half of that in neighbouring Greece, for example. The average wages in Cyprus may be deemed low, but the affordable cost of living and reasonable taxation makes up for it.

The most sought-after fields in Cyprus' labour market are engineering, finance, information technologies and telecommunications, whereas other sectors on the rise are real estate, industry, shipping and the service sector. The latter goes hand in hand with the fact that the tourism industry is the most profitable sector: currently accounting for the largest part of national GDP

Since the country is relatively small, competition is fierce. If you're a third-country national, you should be aware that priority is given to Cypriot and EU/EFTA/UK citizens. Meaning, you have to prove that your niche of expertise cannot be covered by local or EU/EFTA/UK talent in order to be hired for a job. Being highly qualified in your profession will, therefore, go a long way.

Good to know:

English is the primary business language in Cyprus. However, since the official language of the country is Greek, most employers will ask that you have some knowledge of it.

Where to look for employment in Cyprus

As we've seen, Cyprus' tourism sector is robust, so there are many opportunities for seasonal jobs during the summer season. You should inquire with the hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops in your area ' depending on where you are; you can find anything from service work to PR opportunities for clubs and resorts. If you want to combine working with a good cause, there are also several volunteering opportunities, as the country has several animal sanctuaries and marine conservation projects ongoing.

For more regular employment, you should keep in mind the importance of networking: Cyprus being a small island, word of mouth is essential. That being said, there is no harm in applying directly to the companies you are interested in, regardless of whether they have an opening currently. Most companies accept CVs all year round, to facilitate recruitment when needed. Consider getting a free CV review at TopCV.

Good to know:

If you have no contacts yet, you could visit one of the Public Employment Offices in Cyprus' major cities, as many job postings can be found here.

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