Is it hard for International students to find job in cyprus? Part time

Hello every body my name is malik laraib rashid from chakwal pakistan i want to know is it hard for international student to find a job in cyprus? a student can manage his expenses by doing part time job or not?

Hello, my name is Inayat, from Lahore, but cruntly in germany.
First of all, you will have working permission in Cyprus after 6 month o after complte of yours semester and then you will have 40 hours working permission and its also depend on yours study and especialy on yours host college o university, and demand of workers in Cyprus is 0.
It is very hard to get job in Cyprus.

oky bro and oe thing more there is no chances for student to work without permison like uk and australia? and once i go to cyprus than can i move to another eu country or not?

The job situation in Cyprus is not good for people already living here or those intending to come to Cyprus looking for a job. In some cases employees have not been paid since February, in others their employers have just closed down.  You have to be registered to work in Cyprus and have the correct paperwork - employers will not take you on otherwise as they do not want to be fined.  If you do get a job the rate of pay is very low. Cyprus is not a gateway to working or living in other EU countries.

first you need to obtain a visa to enter
then a visa to stay - supported by evidence of your ability to support yourself
then a work permit
this is likely to not be given unless you have succeeded in getting a job,and can prove it.

work here is difficult for a person already living here never mind a TCN hoping to do that and study too.