Jobs for expats in Cyprus

Hi All, just joined the forum, just wanted to say Hi.  I am moving to Cyprus but I understand that it's best to get a job first.   I understand its an entry requirement.  I am skilled in IT and I was wondering if anyone has any advice with taking the steps on job hunting.  If anyone has any contacts that would be great. 

Many thanks

Mr Lewis

Mr Lewis welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of experience on here so I am sure you will get some answers to any questions you have. Also there are people at varying stages of the move so this gives more up to date info from the coal face!

I arrived in early Dec 2022 and am currently progressing thru the vast array of documents.

There are a good number of hoops to jump thru and especially if you are from outside the EU.

Things can take longer than expected and each visit to the official offices will probably mean all the docs you take are not enough and they will ask for something not on the list!

You will need to check the visa status you will require as working here you might have to proove the job cannot be filled by a local

Residency comes first as you are not allowed to work here legally unless your are legally resident and to get that you will need to prove income a job savings local bank account bank guarantees police checks health checks X rays blood tests for tb hep a. Hep b hiv documents apostilled ...

Third in line for jobs here after cypriots and EU nationals . You may need a sponsor or a job offer and the employer needs to get your work permit.....assuming he can prove no Cypriot or EU national is available to do the job... Healthcare cover including repatriation.

Even as a digital nomad the requirements are min €3500 per month income initial visa one year renewable for one further year health insurance cover

Now if you are eu it's completely different

Good luck

@clivelewis2006 what is your IT skill set ?

If you are a non EU citizen then you can do the following

You can apply for remote jobs in UK, European Union and European Economic Area in LinkedIn . If you get a remote job the best route would be the digital nomad visa .

You can also apply for onsite jobs in Cyprus in LinkedIn and check if any employer is willing to sponsor you .

However it would be be difficult to get interviews if you are not into high end programming like .net , Java or domains like FX or gaming . There is no dearth of qualified EU citizens for software testing , IT help desk , network administration etc .

Also networking goes a long way to get a job and would better if you move to Limassol and attend software developer and other IT conferences and directly meet people who would refer you to a job in their company .

I am currently working at a large University in the UK.  My role is, a systems analyst.  I have cisco networking itil and Linux skills amongst many other skills.  I think its more complicated non EU.  It's difficult to commit without the initial job located in Cyprus. I wouldn't know the best companies to approach to see if they have any vacancies. I am also a time served electrical engineer and have skills in solar systems.  I have built my own ground mounted solar system. I noticed many of the villas don't have.  I have been thinking of the best way to get into Cyprus, but like mentioned before loads of hoops to jump through.

@clivelewis2006 linked in app is a good start.. as is Ergodotisi group in Facebook

@clivelewis2006 - If you are looking to relocate, getting hired first before coming is wiser. Many companies help with the work visa process.

I relocated here three months ago, already have my Visa, and am working on my biometric ID.

What I did was - I moved here when I had an online business back home. So while I was here, I could generate receipts for the hiring company until my work visa was ready, and now I'm on the payroll.

Regardless, many companies here are looking for employees. I know of some, so there should be no problem for you to find something.

Let me know if you need any help