Living in north Cyprus

My partner an I are getting married next year and have been talking about moving to north Cyprus as his brother lives the.  I've been wondering how I would go about finding work and would be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction.

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Since it is your first post, could you introduce yourself?

Why not place an advert in the Job Section?
What kind of job are you looking for?

Best of luck.
Anas, team

I've lived in TRNC for 2 years. Wages here are insanely low! And now with the Lira in low value, making ends meet will be harder.

I was born in Glengormley and left Belfast in 1969, thankfully.
First of all, I have lived in South Cyprus for many years and I would not live in the North if you gave me a free house. I think to live in an area alongside an occupying army is just like it was in Belfast.  You are changing a Christian background to a Muslim one.  Are you prepared to bring any kids up in a Muslim culture?  The Turks have looted the churches and keep their animals in them for shelter whilst the Greek Cypriots maintain the Turkish mosques and the Turks have completely ruined Kyrenia with their wall to wall casinos that look like strip joints. Being in mind I visited Cyprus before the occupation and admit the Greeks were unfair to the Turks. There is always friction between a Muslim and Christian community as we have just witnessed Isil and the aftermath.
Would I be attracted to a cheap house to live in a totally Muslim Culture? Never!
A job is hard to find as you don't speak the language, a barmaid, casino croupier or a waitress.
Take your pick?
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I live in North Cyprus, I agree about Turkish church and all the rest. Muslim are like all other people with their own believe. Isil and all the rest is not applying to all turks or all muslim. I have best friend in all side. of course wrong people can be Cristian, Indu, muslim etc....
The disturbing thinks in these North Cyprus is the bank system. I opened an account in Creditwest where other expat advise is a good bank. Instead they are cunning and they do whatever they want with your money. When you protest they will close your account with expenses for more than 500 dollars. Try to avoid this bank.

Very informative post.
I've been thinking of getting a place in Greece or Cyprus, but something decent and close to the water is quite expensive. The only affordable option for me is N. Cyprus...
I've been to S. Cyprus a few times but never to the North...
My biggest concern is with the ownership of real estate in the North. I am used to the safety of real estate transactions in US where I live for the past 25 years. But how is a title protection in the North... I've heard some horror stories...

The north is recognised only by Turkey, should their be any form of reconciliation between the two sides, land and building ownership will be the main problem.
People were forced out from both sides leaving land and property that they owned. Some of the land and property has been appropriated / stolen, so could be a big problem if you buy/ lease or rent in the North.

i agree -obviously there are people who have successfully bought there... but i personally wouldnt take the risk....

Hi don’t listen to the other comments im from London and now been living in the North Cyprus since 2013 and it’s fantastic and well worth the move
There are many people working in banks ,hotels ,restaurants and shops so will find a job somewhere
The people are great and the food
I wouldn’t bother with the south ,they are rude and the place is expensive ,a day over there to ikea or McDonald’s is ok but not to live
Forget all the silly comments you have recived ,I’ve been her 6 years and never had any issues and nor have anyone I’ve meet her
It’s a place of relaxed people
Don’t listen the comments about mosques etc and Muslims as they are not strict followers and are a lot better people then say in the south or in the Uk

Take the move and go for it your have a much better life

Good luck

its expensive (over 1400TRY )  in the North now for your legal residency requirement now  so bear that mind whatever you decide... yes id say its cheaper than the south and you would get a lot more for your euro as just now you will get about 6 TRY in exchange.   

The south are not rude at all.. dont know where jkay has been  but i find the people in the south to be very amiable friendly and very helpful so far (5yrs now)... although i do agree with him on the comments about muslims etc they are just people like you and me with their own set of beliefs.. I love Turkey and have been there many times for 16 -17 holidays.... never lived there but did nearly buy there in 2008, we still have tax status, bank accounts and friends there just in case we end up there...who knows.. however there were still a few concerns for me around that time.   its one of the reasons we chose Cyprus as our home  having had 6 good years in Malta (2008-2014) we are a little closer to Turkey - not been to the North side yet except for a fleeting visit.. but having said all that for us its not got the "i want to live there now" appeal... but who knows what might haoppen in the future... Good luck whatever you decide but be careful....

Hi Khaled
How to get registered locally quickly.
I hold Republic of Ireland nationality.
Best regards

Would you please help with the info regarding getting residency & how?

Please please be very careful, about settling in Northern Cyprus.  I went on vacation around 15 years ago and fell in love with the natural beauty of the Island, and decided to purchase a property having spend at least a month looking around.  From the estate agent, to the builder, solicitors, and people you deal with shopping - the dishonesty is unreal.  You dont notice this as a tourist.  I bought a 4 bed 3 bath apartment from an English estate agent off plan, and after i had paid half of my deposit in stages, everything went wrong.  And when it did, there was nobody to help.  The estate agent told me to find a solicitor, the solicitors were dishonest, or half way through they would say that they cannot continue as there has been a death in the family.  My hell on earth went on for 7 years until i found an incredibly honest muslim man from the UK who had moved there.  He sorted it out for me at a reasonable cost, it went on for around a year, and in the end i sold up without a loss.  As i have mentioned above, if things go wrong there is no back-up and nowhere to run to for help.


I have been looking at forums on expats living in north cyprus. I know I am responding to a post you made almost a year ago but it caught my eye as it was honest and refreshing.
We are seriously considering a move to Lapta where we already have a house but was interested to hear from anyone on their opinions of bringing a family with them (school life etc)


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