Jobs In Cyprus for English only Speakers....

Hi is it generally true that you need d to speak Greek to get work in Cyprus?


How can I find a job in Cyprus I am Lebanese and there is many lebanese in Cyprus need your advice

Jim depends on the skill set really but as a general rule no English is used throughout Cyprus  but it helps to learn a bit of Greek to get you by

What field would you expect to work

Thanks Toon

It's not myself - I am asking in case our daughter wants to join us

She's currently working as a mental health and addiction support worker


From my own observations over the years, unless you are involved in an industry that deals mainly with English speaking clients such as tourism, it is quite difficult to get a job without speaking Greek. Exceptions to this may be the IT or engineering or medical professionals, but even in these environments most communication is carried out in Greek, but you could get by without it.

As the skills in the caring and nursing profession are universal, language shoudnt be a huge barrier.

On another note, regarding  salaries, they are generally quite low, and as far as I know they don't have a minimum legal wage here. For example people working in retail and the hospitality sector such as coffee shops etc are usually paid around €4.00 per hour, (if they're lucky) and in fact a lot of them are paid in cash "off the books", and their employers don't register them for social insurance, this practise is very common among small retailers and coffee shop chains.

I know of a few companies who run call centres and they employ only English speakers as most of their customers are ringing from the UK to make purchases from magazines in British newspapers. These call centres pay about €9 per hour as I know a guy who works there,  (and he hates it)  but to be honest the work is repetitive and pressurising, and really not for everyone. I think the best way to get a job in Cyprus is by networking rather than sending CVs all over the place, as in a lot of cases its not what you know but who you know.

Yes I agree Jake it all depends on the field  in which you intend to work it can be difficult but not impossible. Those fields where the employees are most likely to be in contact with local nationals wil need to be able to speak passable Greek. Again it's doable with effort.

True Toon, any job that interacts with locals some Greek would more than likely be required, also with jobs such as delivery or bus drivers or post man you would probably need to be able to read Greek, imagine trying to deliver a package to an address written in Greek if you dont know the alphabet. Not to easy.

@shotokan101 it depends on which city ,like limassol,paphos maybe you don't need because there's more foreigners

Hi everybody

I would like to settle down in the near future with my wife in Cyprus.

I am a sports coach in France and I would like to know if it is easy to find a job in this sector.

Thank you in advance for your feedback


Sorry I have no experience of this area but there are plenty of gyms and many private personal coaches..... as a French person you are EU and as such will find it much easier to relocate and work here without many obstacles.......good luck


Thank you very much for your answer