Job opportunities in North Cyprus

I'm Altaf from Karachi Pakistan. I've got opportunity to avail work permit for North Cyprus. I would like to know the job opportunities in Financial Service Industry in North Cyprus. Kindly share the your experience who came here on work visa.

There are no opportunities as such in North Cyprus. The only jobs available for workers from the Far East are menial jobs in restaurants, hotels and farms. And that you have to work between 10-12 hours a day minimum for not so fantastic wages! You cannot get a work permit unless you have a "prior temporary work permit" before you arrive in North Cyprus.

What about Cyprus not the north, is there a good job there

I’m working as a chef and I’m living in Lefkoşa s can you help me to find a job as a chef or any kind of work I need it
Pleas help me

Hello everyone,

For your job search, i invite you to post an ad in the job in Cyprus section.

Good luck,

Unfortunately, there are no job opportunities for the foreign nationals in your area of concern in North Cyprus.

Sorry for a late reply Mustafa, but although chef inquiries do come in from time to time, there is none at this time. If you are still looking for work send me your experience with your contact details and I will notify you as soon as we have a job on offer.



I am english girl with GCSE'S and A levels.

I have two years experience in Estate agency doing administration and property management.

I am looking to move to north cyprus for a while as I want a change, but not sure if it will be possible for me to get a job to get by on. I do not speak Turkish although I am willing to learn.

I have been north cyprus 3 times and have some friends who live out there, just looking for any advice anyone can give me really.

Thank you in advance :)

I believe I responded to your message yesterday but unfortunately, I cannot see it in the replies section today. Please confirm if you had not received any messages from me. I wrote quite a bit about the estate agent employee opportunities and possible fast-track Turkish Lessons. Please contact me if you wish to get further information.



Many thanks for your response

Unfortunately no, I cannot see your response.

I will message you if that is easier :)

Thank you!


Looking to move to Kuzey Kibris within the next couple of months. I am a US/Turkish citizen. Currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. I work for the US Government as a Management Analyst, but would love to get in to real estate. Also, have education in culinary as a backup. Studied in New York and worked on some of America’s best restaurants. Any help finding resources would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I speak fairly decent Turkish, but my writing skills are basic. Want to provide as much information about me as possible.

All the best!


Hey my Name is Salima, i am from Spain and speak fluent German,spanish and English. I have 5 years experience as Store Manager and Sales Assistant in Fashion Retail. I also have work as Customer Service for Telecom.
I am looking for a Job in North Cyprus. Lefkosa. Happy for any Information.

Kind Regards Salima

Hi Justin,

There is no point in searching for a job in North Cyprus a couple of months in advance. Jobs here are usually offered on short notice and are taken within few days. More jobs are available during the start of the Tourist season (April / May).


Hi. İ live in kyrenia and am currently working. İ am looking for a new job by the begining of may. İ speak fluent Turkish and have a kktc drivers license.  Hope someone can help

I am searching a job plz anyone suggest a job.

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