MUKW3 new Plastic Residency card.

Hi, where is the link for the Application Form to exchange my Pink Slip for the plastic MUKW3?

On the government website … enDocument

@Toon Hi, I cannot see it but if you say that it is there then I will keep looking :-(

@fhaggerty Hi, Thanks, found it, now to open.

Hi, I've been looking too, but cannot see it?  Can you send a link to the actual section please?  Thanks

Hi Gillian, it only took me 3 hours to open! (I have an iMac and it does not like WinRar files) I managed to do it through

So, click on the link provided. You should have 10 lines of text, #9 "Beneficeries ..."

Click on the link, Scroll down the list of files available,

Select UKW3.rar. Should give you 4 files, 2 are instructions and guidance, and one is what you want.

You can fill in the data direct to the file, then save and print.

Search for m67 form and or MIVS form … p;Expand=5

@fhaggerty thank you !

Both the links above give 'Error 500'.  Have just driven from Paphos to Limassol and been told to fill in Form MUKW3 but cannot find it anywhere on their site.  Typing it into 'Search' gives 'Error 400'!

@Toon Have tried the link you gave on both a PC and Mac but both give 'Error 500'. Urgently looking for Form MUKW3 before my appointment on Monday!

The dept has changed the website since above posts

Try this one … enDocument

@desterson Hi I have a blank form on my computer that I can try and email to you - would need your email address. There are 6 pages and they want page 1 - covering page. Husband and wife details are on the document . I completed 2 applications but was told that only mine was required.  The document can be completed online and then printed off!  [email protected]

@fhaggerty Many thanks - I am at ***

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@desterson Hi, no link received!

@fhaggerty post by pm guys … endocument … endocument

Morning all,

I've been trying to book a UKW3 appointment for weeks. I've emailed the addresses given on the Immigration website multiple times, but I've never had a reply. I've tried calling the office number, but no one ever answers.

Has anyone got any tips on how to get an appointment?? My wife's MEU2 runs out in July, so we need to get the appointment soon.

We need to book our appointment in Paphos, so according to the website, we can't go into the office until we have it. I notice that you can go into the Nicosia office without an appointment.

Thanks for any help!!

If its urgent I'd say go to Nicosia but am sure you are meant to go to your own local office. I would suggest phoning or emailing Nicosia to be sure they will sure they will see you rather than just turning up.

@fhaggerty  I couldn't find a link but have printed off your blank form and am taking it to the Paphos office tomorrow.

@martin65150 Like you I had tried to book an appointment in Paphos but nothing available for the next 12 months.  Had been told you could go to Limassol so made 2 bookings for last Friday.  On arrival, was told they only do Limassol residents but that to upgrade a MEU3 to a MUKW3 you do not need an appointment.  Just turn up with originals and photocopies of previous MEU, Passport and completed form.  Looked at their website after the abortive journey to Limassol and there was on appointment in Paphos on Monday which I have booked!

will report further after our visit tomorrow.  If you want me to try to make an appointment for you, try to email me.  This system doesn't allow me to leave an address but try amending  desterson at g mail . com!

@desterson send pm on the forum

@fhaggerty Try … penElement

Have an appointment tomorrow (Monday 15/5/23) in Paphos. Will report after!


@Toon Unfortunately, you have to visit your local immigration office.

@desterson how did you manage to book an appointment on the website? I thought the online booking system had been shut down?

I'll DM you my email, and maybe you can ask when you're at the office tomorrow.


@martin65150 yes I know that ...

Once you've received the plastic resendancy card am i right that you must return to Cyprus at least every 6 months to keep your card valid ?

Is it issued under the annually renewed pink slip terms if so you must not leave for more than three months continuous

It is my belief that the old yellow slips MEU1 and MEU3 don't actually need to be replaced with the new biometric cards even after 2026... Although all holders have the right to exchange for one.... The old papers don't have expiry dates but the biometric cards do

My ukw3  card  10 years expiry  is it 3 or 6 months cannot be out of cyprus

I think right now with new changes to be announced soon an email to the immigration office  to clarify your position is in order.

Send an email to ...

[email protected]

Thanks toon  will drop them an email

She generally responds with 24-48 hrs ..and very helpful

Got a reply Toon

Dear Sir ,

Your residence permit is a Permanent Residence

permit MUKW3 -loosing that you should be absent

for more than 5 years . The other paragraph

concerns of the permits which are Temporary


So no need to visit within 6 months

Thanks for help

You are welcome