Lost my original yellow slip

Hi, I have lost my original yellow slip, I have a copy in my phone but this is black and white

Is the copy acceptable or do I need to apply for a replacement? and if so how difficult is the process


@JL2409 i would suggest that you may have difficulty in some places / institutions that require physical sight of the residency document especially now as fake ones are rampant in Cyprus... Everyone will need to do so anyway as it will eventually become mandatory (2024-2026) to have your yellow slip changed to a biometric card anyway....

The process of replacement should be easy but likely not to be ... Make an appointment at the immigration dept by phone or email and take it from there.

As an aside we were told back in 2014 " don't lose it as we don't issue new ones" .. I think that attitude has changed ..

Thanks Toon, I'll contact the immigration office. I was thinking of hiring an immigration consultant or lawyer to smooth the process

It can save confusion, anxiety and frustration.... At a price.... I honestly dont know the process for replacing with biometric card.... Apart from booking your appointment by email or phone filling in a form and taking existing documents MEU1 MEU3 and passport....

I had booked to replace our MEU3 with biometric last may but the chaos at immigration dept was horrendous ..and as it was not mandatory at that point and still isn't as yet .. so decided not to proceed until things improved... Or am forced to replace it

Good luck and I would suggest you arrange, if not already done, to get the bio metric ID. We had the photo and finger prints done at the immigration office at the same time as we did immigration. At least you will then be in the system for a ID card that will arrive sometime in the future lol

@phildraper That's a good idea, might as well get everything done in one go


Did you get a copy?

Still waiting for the ID card and have been told it could take 10-11 months from getting the Alien cert. By the time I get it I will need to renew it lol. Also seen on expat that not possible to exchange UK driving license without ID card even thou the web site say you only need the Alien cert.

I should get it in the next 2 months