Lifestyle in Cyprus

Lifestyle in Cyprus
Updated 2019-02-25 11:23

Cyprus has been through a lot as a nation. Throughout the adversities, its people have developed bravery and stubbornness, a willingness to celebrate every day and make the most out of non-ideal situations. Being surrounded by many different civilisations due to their geolocation, Cypriots know how to borrow the best aspects of each culture and combine them with their own. Although your everyday life on the island will vary significantly depending on whether you live in a city, a rural area or a more touristy spot, these values of Cypriot lifestyle will still permeate.

Enjoying nature

The relaxed, Mediterranean lifestyle is undoubtedly affected by the surrounding natural landscape. Cyprus enjoys blue skies and sunshine almost 11 out of the 12 months of the year, so it makes sense that people would love to spend time outdoors. The island is famous for its beaches, with the diverse scenery offering anything from partying hotspots (such as Agia Napa) to secluded coves (in Paphos). There is a prominent diving culture, thanks to the warm waters and lack of strong tides; Cyprus is thought to be home to the finest dining in all of the Mediterranean, the Zenobia wreck.

Good to know:

Apart from beach related activities, golfing is also becoming very popular in Cyprus, combining lush nature and the naturally beautiful vistas with the comfort of professional golf courses. And in the winter, Troodos mountains make the perfect ski playground

Embracing different cultures

Cyprus is literally at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. Because of that, the island has always been a centre for trade and different cultures coming together. Throughout its long history, Cyprus has been colonised several times by different civilisations, each one living its mark on the island to this very day; from the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantine Empire, the Venetians, the Ottomans and, later on, the British. Because of that, there is inherent multiculturalism, apparent also in Cyprus' official languages: Greek and Turkish, with English following up as the business language. German and Russian are also spoken a lot in Cyprus, thanks to a large and the fact that most Cypriots have studied abroad.

The multicultural aspect of Cyprus is also apparent in the religious character of the island. Although Greek Orthodox is the official religion of the state and plays a big part in everyday life, you will also find many Catholic Christians, Muslims, Jews, Maronites and Armenians.

Enjoying arts and culture

The birthplace of goddess Aphrodite certainly takes arts and culture seriously. Music, in particular, holds a vital role in Cypriot life, with many locals being quite musical; many Cypriots are making a big career in Greece and abroad, as singers and songwriters. Several music festivals, some of them combining other artistic disciplines such as performance arts and photography, bring art and culture lovers together annually. The list is long, but we should definitely mention the Kypria International Festival, the Thalassa International Festival and Pharos Chamber Music Festival.

Low-cost, high-quality living

Living in Cyprus, you will very soon realise that things are moving a bit slower ' and that's exactly how you like it. Because of the low cost of utilities, goods and services, and the economy taking a turn for the better, the quality of life is quite good in Cyprus. Most people can afford to dine out frequently or go out for drinks. It is not unusual for expats who move to Cyprus to be able to afford domestic help and help with the children, leaving them in turn with more time to enjoy everyday life. Combine that with the fact that Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the EU (and 5th safest in the world) and you will see why people in Cyprus, expats and locals alike, are not afraid to enjoy life to the maximum.

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