Amazon prime / Netflix in Cyprus

Good evening

Can anyone suggest if its possible to get the above?

The internet has many options but not sure if they actually work.

Spoke to amazon and honestly the agent didn't even know where Cyprus was !

So thought I would ask if anyone has suggestions?

Many thanks

Don't know if this is allowed email me ***

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I use a smart DNS on my LG TV from HideIPVPN I have no issues with Netflix and amazon prime. Disney+ and iPlayer will not work :-/

According to their tech support they cannot fix the Disney+

you can get both amazon video and Netflix in Cyprus. Just sign up online.

We have the option of having express VPN on our television which allows us to watch BBC  but we can only use it with Roku but not Amazon Firestick. There may be some programs not available on some of these sites in some countries (we have accounts in Canada and Uk for Prime so are a bit confused about this.)

Amazon prime you will need a Vpn or a smartDNS .....

We have amazon prime video here.   It's 5.99 a month  if you have a smart TV, it's already installed.  No need for VPN  or smart DNS 

just go to  [link under review] and sign up. you get a free trial too.

the name is slightly different because it doesn't include the free shipping option. just strictly streaming 

I believe the content is the same in all countries as well. 

Netflix varies with the geographical location but you still get good content here

That's strange as I cannot get Amazon prime here without using a Vpn or a smartDNS..   AND my content is definitely different to both Spain and UK content.  Had smart TV and android TV ..same on both.. maybe it's a branding thing 

If you google prime video it takes you to the website. the rest is simple. we have the same content we had in Canada. Take a look.

I've had prime for years and still the same a it was when I first got it ....  it's not an issue for me as I am ditching it later this month anyway ...everything they and Netflix have I get from another supplier complete withe all live TV ppv etc etc etc at a fraction of the cost and much earlier too

Just think its strange that's all

Good evening

Thanks all for the varied responses

Seems everyone has a different way of getting these sites

@kevinlewis2323 … lix%20app!

Good morning

Just a quick update

Ref Netflix and prime video

I bought a xiaomi fire stick for 46 euros

It has both preloaded

Plugged it in to my tv and signed in to my accounts and bingo

All done no drama.

Thanks for your help

@Toon, hi what supplier are you with please?


I bought the stick from a Cyta store.

They are the cheapest by far.

You don't have to have any account with them.

Other shops can charge a lot more.

Honestly well worth the money.

( obviously you need to be connected to Internet)


I wouldn't publish it here for obvious reasons but will pm you

I been with this supplier for a number of years now having tried and trialed many others

Is there any chance of getting iPlayer and Disney+ with some stick? VPN has not worked but I have not tried all VPN suppliers lol

You can get a free Vpn with the free protonmail app and in revolut metal they offer a free nordvpn plus...

Just go for a paid subscription there are some really good ones out there from £20 to £75 per year and they include all the stuff on the apps you mention  and lots more

I have Revolut premium is that enough?

Don't think it does but not 100% sure have a look at you account see what they offer ...metal definitely has various extras for free nordVPN plus is one of.them as is FT news Picstar & WeWork and some others

@Toon, Thank you


My experience via a UK based VPN is that Netflix provides different content to Cyprus. However I am able to view considerably more by using a

U.S.A location. Amazon prime is restricted content and shows a "this content is not available in your location" message. BBC Iplayer can be connected but they are on the ball and usually find VPN and block.

Never tried the plug in tools €49 is reasonable but I would want to be convinced it wouldn't be blocked. I hate to waste money 1f600.svg


Good morning

I've been using the plug in for about 3 months.

Netflix is OK

Amazon prime is awful with limited content

( obviously you have to sign up for both)

And that's it all other sites don't work here.

It's OK in the short term and works very well with a good Internet connection.

But no I player or extras channels like in UK.

I use and have been using an IPTV service for years and it contains all the usual VoD from Amazon Apple Peacock Disney Netflix Hulu etc etc etc well as all live tv sport sky virgin BT TNR etc and catch up for UK mainstream for a fraction of the cost...

Thanks for the Info Kevin.

Do you receive BBC Iplayer, Toon?

Don't need any iPlayers as the VoD section records everything  and plays without VPN or smartDNS. We miss nothing at all

What's the ball park figure for the service?

I will DM  as won't post this publicly