Cyprus post office box

Has anyone used one of these to have their mail delivered to?

Loads of people do it until they get a permanent address.. but then Yiu could just just use the address you get for the house yiuu start with and then do a mail forward service when You move. I've done that 4 times works fine and is about €10 for 6 months


For as little as €5 per month you can have a personal secure postal box within the offices of CCS Shipping in Lemba . They receive your post and keep your letters and parcels safe until you can collect .

📞 26 323203

Cyprus Container Shipping

Most post offices offer this service but there can sometimes be a waiting list to get one

@phildraper Used a PO Box in Nicosia for a long time. Works well with the exception that most couriers will not deliver to a PO Box.

Thank you for the confirmation.

Does postoffice provide service for mail redirection to the postbox? Let's say street address shown on the letter (e.g. 25 Makarios Avenue, Nicosia) but instead delivering to the house postman put all correspondence to the rented Postbox at Postal office.

I think that can be arranged and I don't see that that would be any different to a normal.redirection except for saving the postie a lot of leg work ..