yellow slip validity

Hi there , i,m a new member ,name is Ray, looking to see if anyone can answer q regarding yellow slip.
We obtained our meu1 in january 2019, but for health reasons moved back to uk in december 2019, but now looking to move back in the next few months, is our yellow slip still valid, , or do we need to apply again, hoppe someone has the answer.

Under normal circumstances meu1 yellow  slip expires after 6 months  off the island however look at your slip it's  unlikely to have an expiry date I think you should be ok as you have mitigating circumstances with Covid etc

Meu3 holders can be off the island for upto 5 years without impact

You need to apply again

It will depend on how much leeway the immigration dept allows you as a person impacted upon by Brexit

Ok, thanks , didnt think about covid

Not really a resident of cyprus if you still live in the uk so you are officially a resident of the  uk you can't be both so I would advise that you make your mind up which one would you like to live instead of trying to have the best of both 😉

I think you can in certain circumstances be resident in two Eu countries or non-EU and & EU...

You can move between EU countries but not be a resident of both uk is not included as not part of the eu ,you can't have the benefits of both … 20country.

*** not about making our mind up ill health brought us back. If nothing useful to say best say ***

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You can be resident in both if you work study or train  in both countries for longer than 90 days it's a valid reason to do so .... but you may be risking taxation in both

Hi Ray i think you will be OK - you are not alone in being in this situation... Covid impacted on many people not being able to get back in the timeframe... just be sure that you have your documents with you when you return... good luck

Please let us know  how you get on

I think you should get back as soon as possible, and try to formalize your yellow slip as a residence permit. With Covid you have an explanation for your absence, and your inability to apply last year during the Transition Period. Good luck!

Just to clarify, you can legally be resident in multiple EU countries.

I hold residence permits for Bulgaria and Spain. I was entitled to permanent residence in Cyprus (having been resident since 2008), but like you, I could not get back to Cyprus to file my paperwork in time. In fact, I'd booked flights and they were cancelled by the airline due to the Covid Crisis.

I had been planning to come over in June, after my 2nd vaccination, and plead my case too. But, upon reflection, I decided it's not necessary for me as I will be able to submit my application for permanent residence in Bulgaria next year (2022).

For EU citizens (as we were before Brexit), the initial residence permit is granted for 5 years. After 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence.

The initial permit allows you to live/work in only the specified country. Which is why you might need additional residence permits, if you want to work/study in a second EU country.

The permanent residence permit is much more valuable, as it gives you the right to "freedom of movement" to live/work/retire in any EU country, and, as such, is almost the same as holding an EU passport. Nevertheless, the EU formalities still require you to ask for a residence permit when you relocate to another country (but it's easy).

The initial (or "temporary") residence permit can be held in multiple countries. But the permanent (or "long term") residence permit can only be held in one EU country.

I am not sure about a permanent residency certificate allowing FoM to British nationals post Brexit...My gut feeling is that it doesn't

Thanks @Toon... you are absolutely right that there is a lot of confusion about FoM with both temporary and permanent residence permits, especially with all the changes arising from Brexit.

I don't think it's an issue for you as you love Cyprus, and probably won't ever leave! :-)

However, Freedom of Movement is one of the cornerstones of the whole EU project, and it is extended to BOTH EU nationals (i.e. you hold a passport from an EU member state) AND non-EU permanent residents (i.e. you hold a passport from a non-EU country, such as UK, together with a permanent residence permit - called a "Long Term Resident's EC Residence Permit" - issued in any EU country).

Many think their initial ("temporary") residence permit allows freedom of movement, but, unforunately, it doesn't. (It is a proof of residence in an EU country so it certainly shouldn't hurt when travelling or relocating within the EU.)

A couple of helpful EU legal paragraphs (from the Directives relating to Freedom of Movement) are:

"Member States shall grant long-term resident status to third-country nationals who have resided legally and continuously within its territory for five years immediately prior to the submission of the relevant application."

"The status as long-term resident shall be permanent subject to Article 9. The expiry of a long-term resident's EC residence permit shall in no case entail withdrawal or loss of long-term resident status."

"...a person... who holds a long-term residence permit should be granted... a set of uniform rights which are as near as possible to those enjoyed by citizens of the European Union."

"A long-term resident may reside in a second Member State... when the long-term resident exercises his/her right of residence in a second member state... the members of his/her family... shall be authorized to accompany or to join the long-term resident."

Interesting thanks gwynj

Hi Toon

I know this post is about MEU1, but I wanted to know if it is different to the new MUKW1.

We were told by estate agents and a few locals that the MEU1 used to expire every year and then became valid for life.

More importantly - You could maintain validity by making sure that you never left Cyprus for more than 6 months at a time, and there was no minimum stay.

We had to delay our arrival due to Cyprus banning all U.K. flights in mid 2020, and got here at the end of November and applied for the MEU1.

Our appointment was not until February as immigration was swamped.

To cut a long story short, we could not make the appointment and had to reschedule.

We were told that we had to apply for MUKW1 as even though we had “Applied” for the interview prior to BREXIT, you had to have the interview before 31st December to have “Applied” - Booking the interview does not count.  Apparently thousands like us.

We feel cheated as It is not our fault immigration could not fit us in prior to end of December - They were just swamped with those who had not bothered to obtain the paperwork.

At this point we only want to spend the minimum 3 or 4 months a year, but as the MUKW1 expires in 5 years, I am not sure if we can re-apply for it.

As you need 5 years worth of rental receipts, bills etc - Having the MEU1 for life would have suited us better.

No one seems to know a lot about it - All I have read is that it is the U.K. withdrawal equivalent of the old MEU1.

I just wanted to know about how often and for how long you had to stay in Cyprus, once issued.

Old and certainly from 7 years ago  meu1 had no expiry
The new cards have I think 10 yrs
Visa for stays longer than 90 days €70 each for one year- Renewable each year

Once you have held meu1 for 5 years you could apply for permanent residency meu3 but without it being mandatory to do so.  Now it seems that should you fail to apply for it when  5 years elapse you are liable to a €2500 fine

The new card is a biometric card and has your fingerprint and like all non Eu nationals applies different conditions and confers different rights  to Eu nationals.

As I understand it those who applied before the cut off get covered by the wa agreement those who don't are not covered by the wa

As for absences from Cyprus I don't think  that has changed much meu1 or equivalent  temporary residency allows upto 6 months out whereas meu3 or equivalent permanent residency allows upto 5 years out

Hi Morton,

We are in the same boat. Lived in Cyprus nearly seven years came back 2019 for family emergency and been stuck here since due to covid.  Have u found out anything else? We need to return soon I hooe and want to keep our MEU1 too.

I suspect you may be ok as you do have mitigating circumstance but you may have to re-apply  for the new residency card so you cant acquire rights under the WA  - i would suggest you do that asap...  but who knows now that Brexit has happened and how British Nationals will be treated now as Non EU. - Its a wait and see scenario -  but good luck..... please as and when you do return - re-enter please let us know how you got on (and in)

see this link regarding this and brexit … 0E00384072

I know the link is for MEU3 (and also refers to it being applicable to EU nationals) - but the detail for meu3 absences is valid for meu1 holders too ie max absence of 6 months before automatic expiry occurs.... how they know or identify or check this I dont know.... 

see note 2 regarding absences

see note 10 in the link regarding fines if meu3 is not applied for at the appropriate time … V7DB_XWrWY

Hi, sorry what's WA? My husband is EU from Denmark might help. No idea.

Withdrawal Agreement - the deal negotiated agreed signed and ratified by the UK government that applies to British Nationals who are or were or who aren't yet resident in EU

Much will depend on how your original residency application was made

Thanks Toon. It might help my husband is Eu a danish citizen ?

It will all depends on

who you get at customs/passport control
how strict they are
whether theyve had a good day or not

Please let us know how you get on as this is an interesting  one

Morton 52 did you return to Cyprus? I am in exactly the same boat though I am registered since 2012 and travelled also 2019 for health reasons and still here. I wish to return soon, as sadly my husband passed. Please let me know how u faired.  Rather nervous about immigration confrontation.

I don't know how you become a resident for 3 or 4 months a year ,but surely you would lose your residency in the uk once you have become a resident of cyprus temporary or not as you can't have 2 ,it actually asks you when you fill your flight pass is cyprus your main residence

It is possible for a person to be resident in more than one country at any given time and it will fully depend on how you've spent your time and what the rules are in each country - the major issue here is that if you don't manage it carefully, you could be taxed twice

For information … residence/


My name is Wayne yes if you have A MEU1 and you been away for longer than the 6months unless you have property there then you will need too show you have been going too Cyprus longer than 5years then you can apply for a MEU5 that one you can be out of the country for 5years but the MEU1 is only 6monthes I been away now for 3yesrs and finding it hard too use my MEU1 yellow slip if you wish too chat then happy too chat on phone if you wish too have more help.



Woukd be good to know how you find it hard to use the yellow slip. I too have been out 2 years and more, not through choice. Pandemic, illness then death of my husband recently. I want to return as resident with yellow slip as I have lived there 2012 to 2019 renting. I intend to just return and see what happens at the immigration at airport. I am Uk National and feel between pandemic/brexit at the same time there should be exemptions for us. I know it's asking a lot as some woukd say but it was impossible for me to travel between lockdowns, cancellations and illness.

Why not get in touch with the immigration dept directly Ive always found them very helpful..

When Uk was in the EU the rules were very much relaxed as nobody really bothered and still dont for EU nationals - however brexit put paid to that relaxation for British passport holders

Uk are now TCNs by choice (well not really for miillions) and the rules are very much different now lots of things have changed and impact upon us....

Just a thought, why not just come to Cyprus on your British passport, they never asked for my residency permit on entry or exit ever as an EU national and there is no link on your residency permit to the passport under which you applied for it they cant stop you entering Cyprus as a tourist anyway and once you are here resolve the immigration issue in the 90 days window... you might just find that they will understand the mitigating circumstances of your absence just have any and all proof with you of those circumstances.

Whats the worst that can happen   - you get in for 90 days and have to reapply within that time as a TCN, or apply for a long stay visa each year at €70...  you never know you might just get lucky..

good luck

One has to remember that the MEU1 (as was for brits)  was only ever a temporary residency document, (the MEU3 as was for brits) was the permanent residency document and to obtain that you must prove 5 years minimum of continuous residency by way of utility bills (excluding internet /phone services), bank statements showing regular every day spends etc as well as holding a valid residency permit for that period as a legitimately registered resident.

As an EU national the allowable absences of 6months (meu1) and 5 yrs (meu3) were and still are largely ignored but as a TCN are likely to be be enforced...

Even with the pink slip long stay visa for upto one year it has to be renewed and can count towards obtaining PR... but be aware once you leave it will be cancelled  and should you do it again it is likely to be for a shorter period than a year

My life has changed beyond recognition due to pandemic and brexit. Though I am forever an optimist so hopefully it will all work out. Thank u Toon.

Good luck Beanie please let us know how you get on and in

Hi Morton, I'm in the same boat. Have u had any joy?

Too ,

I shan't be coming before early 22. Travelling is precarious again and talk of a fourth fifth wave in Eu. Seems insane Cyorus dies t recognise this a d allow people leeway or exemption. What do u think, can't even get appointments in Cyprus until February. T will be difficult this winter all over.

Travel is still easy once double vacced depending on how long you are to stay and its easier once you get here after all you still have an meu1 which could be mitigated as to validity .. I am yet to be asked for my meu1 or meu3 in 7-8 years here

Thanks Toon.

Question is have you been absent from the island for two years or even one year? 2019 we came to uk and then pandemic hit early 2020 when we were about to return.

That is a good question but will they really know when you left pre covid - am not sure what records they would have of entry and exit pre brexit... they were very lax in all manner of things as eu nationals,, they didnt really care and still dont ...  Besides you can still come here as a visitor for 90 days  without the need to show anything other than your passport..   and maybe extend your stay for upto a year  on a long stay visa  €70 and renew each year and sort things out while here which is easier to do whilst here than at a distance and even if you did show your meu1 on entry they shouldnt stamp your passport, if they dont great but if they do ask or query about the validity of the meu1 you are back to get things sorted out but as a result of a number of things including covid you were unable to travel. Id be giving it a whirl for sure.
Good luck

Yes but I want to keep my menu1 under WA rules. As for stamping let's see I hear they just stamp anyway. Did they stamp ur Passport Toon? Wish we coukd expect  some serious exemptions to this mess, not sure about travelling Eve now due to surge in EU and Cyorus too from what I see?