Robbery at our house in Coral Bay

We are currently living in Coral Bay area. It was around 1 in the afternoon. My wife took our car and went outside and I was sitting at home working in my room along with our Tibetan Spaniel dog . After a few minutes, our dog started barking continuously and I decided to check if somebody came to clean the pool of our Airbnb place. I held the dog in my hand and opened the room of my door. Then I saw the intruder like 8 feet away from me near the kitchen. He was around 5'8 , muscular built and looked a Latino with brown complexion. He was wearing a blue covid mask, cap, loose cotton shirt, t-shirt underneath and jeans. He looked a typical construction laborer or a pool worker. For a second I thought he was one of the construction workers that our landlord has sent who must have knocked on the main door and I probably did not hear it. He looked at me startled. Then he bolted towards the backdoor and escaped from the pool area. I called the police. They came. I described the intruder.  They explained that gangs from Central Africa were increasing in Cyprus. I described that he looked more like a Latin person. They said that they do not have Latin gangs in here. They told us to secure our premises and left.

Sorry to here of this .. sadly its a common occurrence in touristy areas especially if in an area that is heavily populated with tourist rental villas etc.... Easy targets in my opinion...

The police actions or inactions are also all too common. They are under resourced .. it's not an excuse just the reality of day to day life

Thank you Toon. We feel much better now !

It's an invasion of your space your home .. luckily over the last 9 years here we have never ever been subjected to this sort of thing ....... I just know I wouldn't be comfortable knowing that some lowlife scumbag had entered or tried to enter my home uninvited. I would probably have to move....and yes I know it happens all over the world and I still couldn't stay..

Hope all is well and that no damage or or heft had occured ..and further hope that steps are taken to secure the property.

Best wishes

Robbering hapening all the time in Cyprus last two years. Honestly I dont know anyone who escaped that sad experience…and of cource government doesn't care the same as police..

@Toon yes Toon,  it is more psychological than anything else . Our dog alerted me and I went to check the living room in less than a minute. He was unable to steal anything . We are in a Airbnb villa now and will be moving to a new one by next week .

@pandaame thank you Pandaame . We will be more careful in the future .