Dislike of British

It was a new experience for me coming from France to suddenly confront a deep dislike of the British in  the minds of many Cypriots - especially in Nicosia. Yes, many Cypriots are charming and friendly, but it is not a good idea to ever disagree with some of them. They do not "agree to disagree" but fly off in a violent manner and within seconds you fear for your life.

There are going to be lots of people who say Cypriots are cuddly and never would harm a fly, but the first time I have ever been told to get on home from where I come was in Nicosia. This has been repeated several times with minimal provocation. Perhaps the UN green line spells out something - a communirty that cannot get on with even each other, even though Greek and Turkish cypriots have similar cultures and life-styles (even music). Then there is that "Museum of heroes" that celebrates the killing of over 400 young British conscripts - largely shot in the back - and the habit of flying the Greek flag - like the British deciding to fly the stars and stripes rather than the union jack.

It is all rather surprising and constantly disappointing, as many Cypriots I have met are so lovely. I did not know I was an object of hatred until I came here. It is largely the less sophisticated people who have these traits and I am sure much of it comes the brainwashing from the pulpit. I think that it will be unlikely in other cities too as foreigners are so well represented there. Here I feel marooned as a Brit in a bath of snakes.

All very sad.

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I've been to Cyprus twice, the first time I was serving in the British military and was not long after the Turkish invasion that split the island; the Greek Cypriots were very glad to see us then, their former countrymen to the North not so much.  Time goes on and people have a short memory as to why the Brits are there at all.

The 2nd time I went there was on holiday and you could sense that things had changed; I didn't stay long enough to find out any more, but it's fair to say that there has been a British military presence there for a long time and a Sovereign area that some (a minority) Cypriots are pissed off about.

Another little known fact is that Cyprus was used to de-stress British servicemen going home from active-duty in Afghanistan (basically a fortnights holiday), some loved it, some hated it; it rubbed some locals the wrong way, if you put a bunch of local youths up against a bunch of British squaddies, it's only ever going to end in tears for the locals.  I do know that the Brits went to a lot of trouble to keep the transit military in camp, how successful that was, I don't know.

I have some friends who live in Cyprus, they love it and wouldn't leave; they've never told me of any xenophobic incidents involving them or their families.

I hope your experiences are isolated and you soon feel welcome in your new Expat land.

Expat Team

I cant say that I have ever come across the "go back to where you come from brigade" in the 6years I have lived here... well certainly not from our cypriot hosts and friends but I have witnessed it from some british "expats" who use it against other expats who constantly complain about the way things happen in Cyprus......

Our cypriot friends are lovely people friendly very very helpful in times when you need help.. to the point of refusing any form of payment as thanks......  they seem to be very pleased to be able to help you.

I understand what you are saying but I guess some locals do feel this way and maybe wish for their island back ( i suppose it can be likened to those brits attitude via brexit) .... i did come across this with some maltese friends when we lived there for 6 years  - we often came across the "malta for the maltese" chant..... but hey we were there and now we are here and love and appreciate our chance to live here in peace and harmony....