Pool Maintenance.....

Hi folks,

Couple if questions around pool maintenance options :)

First off - how frequent is maintenance required?

Next - roughly how much should maintenance cost?

How practical is it to carry out the maintenance yourself?

Would specific training be required and if so are there courses you could attend and roughly what should these cost?

And finally -are salt pools any easier or more difficult or expensive in terms of maintenance and costs? And as an add-on how practical and expensive would changing to a salt pool be?

Thanks folks



1, normal maintenance is carried out twice per week ithe season - 1st May to 31st October then once per week 1st November to 30th April.....

2. this can costs anywhere between €80-€100 per month every month, this usually includes all cleaning, testing, back-washing rinsing, chemicals, (chlorine, PH- PH+ algae eaters, floc should it need it,.....     

3. it depends if your budget extends to doing so - myself I do my own as a good friend who is a certified pool cleaner taught me how to do it ,,, and I find it quite therapeutic,,, but am early retired and I have the time to do so... Sometimes if you are younger and have family commitments and work as well it can serve you well to have someone else do it for you.....

4. there are courses for you to take should you wish to do so 2-3 days at about €250- €300 for the course

5. cant answer about salt water pools

Thanks Toon - very useful info. As usual


Hi again - I presume that you take out some sort of annual contract and the monthly payment is averaged out?

How do the costs work out if doing the work yourself?


Yes Jim your assumption is correct.... on the monthly rate

Bear in mind the professional pool guys are very quick at doing pools and labour is the most expensive part of any job... I am told they can easily do 12-15 jobs per day

Chem costs
10kg Granules tub or 50 x 200gr chlorine tablets tubs approx €30-€40 each
10kg PH plus and PH minus tubs approx €20 per tub
Test kits are available - from €15-€270
DIY Test strips €8-€12 Packs of 50 or 100)
Algea Killers approx €18-€20
Floculant 5L - €15- €20     
Scum Liner cleaner - €8-10
Pool Pump running costs - we have a 6m x 3m pool and it runs 4-6 hrs per day during season - and 1-3 hrs in winter so at 700w per hr - its using a max of 4.2kw or 4.2 units and approx 24c per unit so about a euro per day

water is is used due to evaporation and can lose 250L per day
water is also used and lost when hoovering backwashing and rinsing  at each pool clean (our Municipality rate for water is at 70c per 1000L) and you can easily use / lose 
500L-1000L per clean 

you do need good tools ie a good hoover head can cost you €120-€150, there are cheaper ones from about €15
skim nets to scoop out leaves and other things like bugs caterpillars.

For me its worth doing my own and have a very good friend who does this professionally who guides me now and again if i have  a problem generally I dont.

Thanks again Toon


It required to drain all water and clean it properly at least once in a year

Here in Cyprus the pools get cleaned backwashed and rinsed once  a week in winter ( November to april).. and twice a week in summer (may to October).
A full pool water change maybe gets done every 2-3 years

Who normally pays for pool maintenance? Landlord or tenant? TIA

My pool and garden maintenance is paid for by my landlord.

When renting, we the tenants had to pay it in both properties we rented. Check your contract.

    Who normally pays for pool maintenance? Landlord or tenant? TIA


All depends on what you agree with your landlord, everything agreed upon will be written in your contract.

Your rental contract should show details of  what is and is not included in your tenancy.