Purchasing a car in Cyprus

Hi I am a little confused about the process of buying a little run around car for use whilst I am living in Cyprus some of the year.  I do not have my temporary residency as yet but am in the process of getting all documentation together so I will be able to apply in the next month or so.  As I am over 70 I am finding it difficult to hire a car long term so would like to purchase one and then insure myself.  Am I able to do so without the pink slip or do I need to try and hire a car until my pink slip is granted. Thank you for your help.

Hi as long as you have an immigration appointment you can buy a car

Thats what our experience was anyway

Usually need to be a legitimate resident.. they have been tightening the rules ... .however if you can prove intent to be legally resident by way of an immigration appointment documentation they may well allow the purchase.. but in think you will still need to produce the residency permit at some stage to get the legal.vehicle log book

Can a UK citizen buy a car in Cyprus?

To drive or purchase a car in Cyprus and transfer the deed in your name you need a valid license from your home country and a certificate of motor insurance. You do not need to have a residency permit before you purchase a motor vehicle. Insurance can be arranged on your UK or Russian driving license.... But , I believe the laws have changed now !

@MyCandyGirl used to be able to .. but not now

One quick word of caution. In Cyprus one has to renew one's driving license after age 70. license is ONLY VALID for 3 years and need a Doctors letter (FORMAT can get this from any Citizens advice Bureau.)

my doctor calls it the "you are not senile" letter (haha) but serious please check this out 

If you owned a car pre brexit does this change anything ?

Hello everyone,

Owning a car pre-Brexitrexit does this change anything ?

This could be the title of a very interesting thread to be discussed on the Cyprus forum. 1f609.svg



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@MyCandyGirl Hi, we bought a car when I arrived in Cyprus in October last year. We needed to have my temporary residency permit before we could register the car in our names