To install a swimming pool or not


i would appreciate people's thoughts. We are having a house built and we have been quoted €22k + VAT for a 6 x 3 metre pool. We are both undecided on the benefits of having a pool installed.

so what are other people's thoughts, are they a 9 day wonder or are they worth the outlay.

The pools need to be regularly cleaned with a net for the leaves and the small worms that are common to Cyprus. During rainy season, excess water need to be pumped out. Please find the cost for doing this on a weekly basis from a pool servicing company or decide how you would do this yourselves.

You could easily run a pool from panels and a decent inverter timer control in terms of elec expense.. water is relatively cheap then it's simply a pool man expense who will normally supply chems and testing..

, ... In my opinion it's more of a luxury ...and one I don't miss much ... An expense that in my opinion is for a few months of the year.. depends on personal preference really .... Is it beneficial for your health and exercise... Is he area for a pool private or is that an additional expense to make it so. You need to decide if the benefits justify the expense....

Good luck

If you bought a house without one, then dont bother. It is really nice to have and easy to look after yourself if you want to save money on a pool company, but there is the cost of chemicals and equipment.  Realistically you can enjoy it from late May until November. An extra month either side of that if you are made of tough stuff.

It is lovely to have a pool but if you are not far from the sea then why not take advantage of that?  The sea stays warmer longer than a pool!

New house new pool a must for most people.

If you've room get a 8x4m pool.

Get quotes from pool companies, not the builder.

22k for 6x3m seems high but everything has gone up for materials etc.

We love our pool and use it daily and we're only 5 mins from the sea.

Your call though,  do your neighbours have pools?


I would recommend a pool, maybe you won't use it too much but very nice to look at, get some multi colored lights fitted that change color.

We don't use ours too much but any vistors certainly will, even used it today after a hot day gardening.

Not sure which type of pool you are looking at, but have you considered fibreglass, uses a lot chemiclss than other types, not sure of prices now but a 6x3m fibreglass pool was around 10k + vat last year, ours was installed by dolphin pools a few years ago and still going strong, Graham

Tough call. Look around for prices and consider if it would add value if and when you sell. Nice to cool off in the hotter months. If you are not going to use it a lot and you intend to live there for many years probably not worth it. A friend had a pool with a liner and that did not work out well as it had to be replaced several time under warranty due to colour fade. If you want to use it out of season then a solar cover is required as well and these keep the temp up a lot. Only if the pool is in the sun!

If you are undecided think twice about benefit for you. Think about alternative use you can give to this surface, think about the cost and benefit, about sustainability and maybe it's worth more to spend the money in better insulation of the house, pv, advanced two circle water and blackwater for future, etc. If you are not far from the sea check nearby beach or public sea swimming pool, maybe you enjoy it more (and more days per year) than chemical water pool.

If you are located in Paphos try the municipal baths at Poseidon Ave., fully equipped and with best sea water quality. Ah and don't forget your hat if you want to get in touch with locals in the water!

But if your neighbors have a pool than you have no choice and need to build too, and at least 2 mts longer!

@C-Pafos  your last sentence made me laugh out loud. After looking at the cost and how much we would use it, installing a pool is now on hold.

Just a point on cost my builder is quoting €22k + VAT. An independent pool shop quoted us €16k inclusive of VAT including the tiling of the Patio.  The sales manager at my builders also offered to install the pool for €20k with no VAT for cash, he winked when he said it. 😉

The moral of the story appears to be that the builder is ripping us off as far as the pool is concerned.


yes your builder is trying to pull a fast one and I bet he wont do as good a job as the pool company either.

We use our pool every day. We wouldnt have moved to cyprus if we was not going to have a pool!