I've been advised by my solicitor that I have to have blood tests done and also a criminal record APOSTILLE before my appointment in January.

I have not heard about this before - not that I have a criminal record or any infectious disease.

Can anyone advise if this is correct?

I'm now living in Cyprus so getting an APOSTILLE from UK might prove tricky.

I see there are online services to do one, but don't want to be ripped off.

As from UK I am not working in Cyprus

Am I correct in assuming that you are in the North.. I know they require blood tests but not heard this for the South

No I'm in Paralimni.

Solicitor said its new legislation?

Solicitor wrote:

"According to your appointment for pink slip, from 28/11/2022 the migration office requested a criminal record APOSTILLE and blood test for all applicants. The blood tests can be done few days before the appointment in any chemistry lab. About the criminal record unfortunately you must take it from your authorities, if you don't make it until the appointment date you can provide it few weeks later at the district migration office." for uk police check.

Blood tests can be done at any lab and are not expensive

Thanks Toon, so I guess it's correct about the new legislation

At least we now know . Thanks for the heads up

@Firehorse66 Hi , did your solicitor mention that apostille is required ? I thought that only the original copy and certified translation are enough.

Original Clear Criminal Record Certificate from the country of origin or residence, if the applicant resides in a country other than the country of origin, with a duly certified official translation in Greek or English ONLY for the 1st Permit
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