Open Job: Marine Surveyor in India

Company's Profile:
One of the world leading ship classification societies providing ship classification, industrial inspections, offshore oil & gas and energy assert management. Currently Field Surveyor needed working in India, one of the most fast-growing areas in the world

Working Location:

Job Description:
1.    Surveys based on class rules for Classification and Surveys/Construction of Seagoing Ships
2.    Inspection of structural elements on the basis of the relevant rules/instructions issued by the Corporate Head Office
3.    Assessment of damages to and deficiencies of structural elements/components of relevance for the maintenance of class, and follow-up of respective remedial measures
4.    Compliance check of constructions with approved drawings
5.    Inspection and verification of materials and components, and attendance to material tests in testing laboratories
6.    Point of contact between ship owner and supervision team

What you shall need:
1.    Indian Nationality
2.    Engineering degree (Technical College) in Mechanical Engineering or Ship Technology
3.    Qualification and experience as Surveyor (Machinery) in classifications
4.    Experience as Chief Engineer or First Engineer Merchant Marine and/or in new building/repair in shipyards a plus
5.    Experience in new building /repair in shipyards is preferred
6.    Good working knowledge of MS Office

What you can be offered in return:
Remarkable basic salary, All kinds of local standard social insurance, Training opportunity, and etc.
Not only a technical job but with potential to management level

Apply for the above job vacancy, please email us with your update English CV to the below:,,

Any interest, please feel free to contact us by:
Tele: +86-21-38762454(9:00—17:30) Jane Zhang

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RAJ KUMAR SARKAR                                 Res.&Off.: 4A/4,Jagannath Ghosh Road,
                 Govt. Of India(IRDA)                      (NearBallygaunge stn Kankulia Rail Gate)
B.Tech(Mechanical & Marine Engineer),                           Kokata-42
Surveyor, Loss Assessor &                                                          &
Investigator                                                                         PO:Palashipara,Dist-Nadia,
(Marine Cargo-C )                                                                PIN-741155
Licence No. 73929  /  2009-2014                     Mob: 0091-9733694029
Expiring on-  17-March -2014                         E-mail:


Nature of Work Survey(Surveys on a full ‘cause,nature & extent' basis)

.Crude Oil & Petroleum products:

In case clean & black oil trading,transportation & storage,we have experience in the monitoring,measurement & control of wide range of various crude oils & petroleum products.

•    100% attendance during a load or discharge operation
•    “squeeze dry” discharge operations,effective C.O.P plan & monitoring,particularly of heat or waxy natured cargoes.
•    Multipoint ROB/OBQ assessment
•    Special closed sampling technique available.
•    Minimise demurrage costs.
•    Cargo blending,both onboard & in terminal.
•    Oversight of cargo document accuracy.
•    Detailed & un-biased reports of events.
•    Loss investigation.
•    Investigation of the cause(s).nature & extent of any claim including photographic evidence.

Other liquids & services:
*experience with measurement practice & certain claim matters relating to those cargoes & also with loss control & claims prevention.
Other services:
*Terminal Shore Tank Auditing(Inventories)

Vessel Tank Cleaning-
•    A pre-wash vessel tank inspection
•    A vessel washing equipment inspection & suitability
•    A risk assessment & time-scale report
•    100% attendance during washing operation
•    Motivation,support & guidance to a vessel's officers & crew.
•    Attendance can reduce a vessel's down-time & eliminates possible next cargo contamination.
•    Aware that contaminated & non-representative samples can cause lengthy delays for oil Major & Traders—both after loading & prior to discharging.
•    Specialized closed sampling technique available(This system ensures that samples are not contaminated with particulates from the vessels vapour locks)

To summarise Marine Claim Investigation service includes the following:
*General Average surveys.
* Detailed photographic evidence,wherever possible,sent by email when required.
*Prompt but detailed reports immediately following our survey.
* Review of claims  documents on both shortages & contaminations of liquid & dry cargo claims.

General & Bulk Cargoes:
•    Surveying of multi-commodity general goods & dry bulk cargoes
Other Services include-
•    Pre- & post-shipment inspections.
•    on-site coverage during the loading or discharge operations.
•    Hold cleanliness & readiness surveys.
•    Sampling by approved method.
•    Tallying & “piece-by-piece” damage reporting.
•    Cargo planning & stowage advice.
•    Securing advice
•    Draft survey.
•    Photographic evidence.
•    Prompt damage reporting for Bill of Lading endorsements.
•    Mitigation of losses when requested.
•    Super cargo & Superintendancy service.
Container Goods:
•    Experience with various types of containers along with the stowage,securing & surveying of containerized goods.
•    Represent various interests at the stuffing operation ensuring damage is prevented by sound stowage & adequate dunning.
•    During “un-stuffing” operation to inspect the goods & investigate any claims of damage.
•    Cross-stuffing of goods from damaged tom sound containers.
Work with containers & containerized goods is as follows:
*Container damage inspections.
*Pre- & post- shipment inspections & advice.
*Stowage & Securing advice.
*Detailed photographic evidence,wherever possible,sent by email.

Chilled\Frozen Meat:
*Through review of all pre-load,load passage & arrival\transit documentation.
*Investigation of the cause(s),nature, & extent of any claim including photographic evidence.
*Microbiological analysis-coliform levels & or Total Viable Count(TVC) of bacteria.
(Problem arise when chilled\frozen meat cargoes have thawed in transit due to many reasons).
*through review of all pre- load,load passage & arrival\transit documentation.
*Investigation of the cause(s),nature, & extent of any claim including photographic evidence.
(Problems arise when fruit & vegetable cargoes have spoiled in transit due to many reasons)
Other inspections:
*Pre-shipment inspection.
*Post-shipment inspection.
* handling.
*stowage in vessel
*ventilation & contamination.
*surveying of damage to project cargoes & heavy lifts.
We  are expertised & specialized to various types of Tanks mainly & also includes a full range of liquid cargo,multicommodity dry & reefer goods,containers,bulk & break-bulk carriers.

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